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Far Far Letra

Artista: M.I.A.

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Far Far letra de M.I.A.

Time got me feeling emotions

Why you always digging on my nerve?

I feel weak, when I say "please" you keep on

Does breaking me make you feel so strong?

I go give, show you how low I go

Playa boy go 'head and be that macho

Power up that blade on that chainsaw

Go cut me down and I'm still gon grow

Ahh ahhh ahh

Yeah, he left me, yeah

To go far far away

Coz yesterday I met a girl from Warsaw

She walked like a turtle with a saw paw

Why don't they make some kinda new law

That stops making a religioon out of war?

Yeah, happy you know lots of useless info

Keep ticking like a brain on a robot

But I do know some things you don't know

That people you hate come back for more

Ahh ahhh ahh

Yeah, he left me, yeah

To go far far away

A tug of war with me and he was called for

Like he was iced tea, I was always pom more

But you broke me when you act like you want war

Coz my strength makes you feel insecure

Now here we go, we bouncing like a pinball

I let him go so he can go paint time gold

Why don't we live for that love though?

Or does money still drive you a whole lot more?

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