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Floating Letra

Artista: Cadaveres De Tortugas

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Floating letra de Cadaveres De Tortugas

My body sinks through thick-mud

I wanna grasp something but just cannot

I fell my end and I see myself dead

While the waves dask-over my head

Gasp for breath, sink deeper -n- deeper

The light glimmers hardly and much more paler

My body grows weary, I don't feel pain

Every trouble seems to be far away

Life before my eyes

No one can tell me lies

I will see the secret

The question: Is it the beginning or is it the end?

The press of the mud is embrace now

I don't wanna be back and don't know how

I lost the sight of light, I can't see the surface

My new home is the restfull space

My body is cold and powerless

I'm hovering between life -n- death

Existence has lost his bond

A new kind of life has just begun

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