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Foreign Life Forms Letra

Artista: Cadaveres De Tortugas

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Foreign Life Forms letra de Cadaveres De Tortugas

Somewhere in the past, some stolen hours

Strange memories, on my own

Deep in the fear, controlled by demon

They come from the livin' hologram

Standing, with an opened mind

Searching, the reason why

You seek the future's key, all alone

To another dimension, to the unknown

In trap forever - The nation of fear

Meeting with the other - Fear of my dream

They have my body - world of my fear

I've got their body - Deep inside me

The clouds are red, it goes by in my eye

Below me terrible depth, I fly so high

I can't escape, I see a neverending way

Who's walking on the darkside of my brain

I wanna forget, all the secrets

To wait for the silence, to lie without respects

I know, once the things will be clear

In the net of silence, there's a misterious world of the fear...

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