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(Helluva made this beat, baby)

If I tell my people I love 'em, I really mean it (I do)
Niggas better not trip out in public, we bound leave 'em (Fast)
Ain't no sense in tuckin' my chain, they still gon' see it (Too big)
Micheal Myers, Jason Voorhees, this bitch a demon (No cap)
You jumped off the porch when? I was never on that bitch (Never)
I ain't have a chance to be a kid, that shit was over with (Damn)
They was out here doin' dope, I was on some sober shit
Cool nigga, but you play with me and get over hit (Boom)
I can tell you all 'bout the trenches 'cause I lived in it (Bitch, I did)
Got money, took cover, and I slid in it (I slid in it)
When the feds did a sweep, my niggas hid in it (They hid in it)
But I can't really speak on all the shit we did in it (Shh)
I can switch names, put a spin on the plot (And fool 'em)
Say what they need, they gon' put me on the cell block (Can't do it)
I gotta teach, you don't hear this type of shit a lot (You don't)
Tell you what you can keep doin' and what you gotta stop (Chill out)
Ayy, playin' by the rules, you gon' end up gettin' lost (Facts)
Real niggas lose, snitch niggas gettin' off (I seen it)
Soft niggas steppin', real killers gettin' soft (I seen it)
It's crazy when you see a lame with it all
Nigga make it for a long time in the dope gang, he a rat
Real niggas never make it last (You know that)
Gettin' money, tell 'em cut you in and they might cut back (Niggas hoes)
Niggas ball hog, never pass (Never)
They say a happy ending shouldn't even have no pull to it (It shouldn't)
Dead or in jail, the streets'll never be good to you (Facts)
They vouchin' for niggas that ain't really hood to you (He a bitch)
No rules, your main homie'll put that wood to you (Brrah)
And these hoes'll do whatever in advance
Act like they in love, they really got different plans (Yeah)
A fake nigga with whatever just to get a chance (I seen it)
Until he get ahead, he gon' act like he your mans (Man, I done seen this shit)
One wrong move'll get you stopped at the beginning (Just like chess)
It's only for the moment if you winning
Tryna be a good nigga, they gon' turn you to a menace
Nigga, fall and you finished (Finished)
Chapters of the Trenches (Trenches)

Spit it 'cause I lived it, nigga, Chapters of the Trenches (Ah, ah, ah)
Can spit it 'cause I lived it, nigga, Chapters of the Trenches (Ah, ah)
Can spit it 'cause I lived it, nigga, Chapters of the Trenches (Ah)
Can spit it 'cause I lived it, bitch, Chapters of the Trenches (Let's get it)

Brodie said, "Be in the 'fore the streets light or you in trouble" (Huh?)
Nigga, that shit went in one ear, through out the other (Okay)
I was still outside 'til 2 AM, I was thuggin'
Niggas makin' threats, we like, "Fuck 'em, niggas ain't on nothin'" (Come do it)
Robberies, homicides, brothers dead, mamas cryin' (What else?)
I was still down to ride (Yeah), jump out with that llama flyin'
Sharin' clothes, choppin' dimes, servin' fiends a lot of times
Can't listen when they speak on them trenches, niggas ain't qualified (Bitch)

Spit it 'cause I lived it, nigga, Chapters of the Trenches (Ah, ah, ah)
Can spit it 'cause I lived it, nigga, Chapters of the Trenches (Ah, ah)
Can spit it 'cause I lived it, nigga, Chapters of the Trenches (Let's get it)
Can spit it 'cause I lived it, bitch, Chapters of the Trenches

Nigga, I lived it, nigga
This ain't no shit I ain't heard about, nigga
This ain't no shit I saw on TV, nigga, I was right there, nigga
Fuck you talkin' 'bout, nigga?
Tee Grizzley

Traducciones de la canción: Español: (Helluva hizo este ritmo, nena) Si le digo a mi gente que los amo, realmente lo digo en serio (lo hago) Niggas mejor no tropiece en público, vamos a dejarlos (Rápido) No tiene sentido arroparse mi cadena, todavía lo van a ver (Demasiado grande) Micheal Myers, Jason Voorhees, esta perra ..
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Brasileño: (Helluva fez essa batida, baby) Se eu disser ao meu povo que eu os amo, eu realmente quero dizer isso (eu faço) Manos é melhor não tropeçar em público, nós vamos deixá-los (Rápido) Não há sentido em aconchegar ' minha corrente, eles ainda vão ver (muito grande) Micheal Myers, Ja.. Tradução

Ruso: (Helluva сделал этот бит, детка) Если я скажу своим людям, что люблю их, я дей.. Russian

Aleman: (Helluva hat diesen Beat gemacht, Baby) Wenn ich meinen Leuten sage, dass ich sie liebe, meine ich es wirklich ernst (ich tue es) Niggas stolpern besser nicht in die Öffentlichkeit, wir müssen sie verlassen (schnell) Es macht keinen Sinn, sie zu verstauen meine Kette, sie werden es immer .. Deutsche Übersetzungen

Italiano: (Helluva ha fatto questo ritmo, piccola) Se dico alla mia gente che li amo, lo intendo davvero (lo faccio) È meglio che i negri non inciampano in pubblico, li lasciamo (Veloce) Non ha senso rimboccarsi le maniche la mia catena, la vedranno ancora (troppo grande) Micheal Myers, Jason Voorh.. Traduzioni

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La Canción 'Foreword' de Tee Grizzley ,incluida en su disco 'Chapters Of The Trenches' en el año 2022 .Este track 01 del álbum Chapters Of The Trenches es una de las mejores canciones Hip Hop ,junto a temas como "Tez & Tone 1" , "Jay & Twan 1" , "Jay & Twan 2" , "Ms. Evans 2" , "Robbery, Pt. 5" , "Robbery, Pt. 4" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música y escuchar sus canciones .Con 704 Visitas y 0 votos con 0,00 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "Half Tee Half Beast" del año 2022 y 100
- "Chapters Of The Trenches" del año 2022 y 43
- "ACTIVATED" del año 2018 y 600

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