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four horsemen Letra

Artista: The Clash

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four horsemen letra de The Clash

Well they were given the grapes that go ripe in

the sun

that loosen the screws at the back of the tongue

but they told no one where they had begun-four horsemen

They were given al lthe foods of vanity

and all the instant promises of immortality

buyt they bit the dust screamin' insanity!-four horsemen

One was over the edge, one was over the cliff

one was lickin' em dry with a bloody great spliff

when they picked up the hiker he didn't want the lift

from the horsemen

But you!

you're not searching, are you now?

you're not looking anyhow

you're never gonna ride that lonely mile

or put yourself up on trial

oh, you told me how your life was so bad

an' i agree that it does seem sad

but that's the price that you gotta pay

if you're lazing all around all day

four horsement coming right through

four horsemen and they're pissing by you

they make you look like you're wearing a truss

four hosemen and it's gonna be us

Well they gave useverything for bending the mind

and we cleaned out their pockets and we drank 'em blind

it's a long way to the finish so don't get left behind

by those horsemen

And they gave us the grapes that went ripe in the sun

that loosen the scews at the back of the tongue

but we still told nothing 'bout what was to come

four horsemen

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9,50 / 10 de 2 Votos y 992 Visitas
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