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Genius letra de Pop Smoke lyrics

Hol' on, tell 'em, "Wait, baby" (Woo)
Hahaha, grrrt, baw (Look)
These niggas is pussy
I can't fu*kwith niggas, I can't fu*kwith niggas
I got a couple niggas that'd let it fly for a couple niggas
That a couple niggas is me
They love me
'Cause Pop Smoke for the streets
I got they heat in a rocket
Say the wrong thing, I'ma pop it
I got them choppas in the closet
A 100 mil' deposit
That ain't a Uber, that's the feds
I see them niggas watchin'
I like my bitches redbone
Ass fat, jell-o, light skin, yellow
Why I care bout a Regis and Pellot
I gotta squirter in the cream
I put the percy in my lean
Two 30's got me leanin'
I hope I don't OD
Like I OD'd in Neiman's
Walked in, 100 in my jeans
The print got me tees
Bet I'm driven when I leave
I got that Woo shit tatted
Iced out, Patek
As long as you gettin' money, don't nothing else matter
Shake it, baby, buss it down and get naked, baby
Just know you sanctioned, baby, just know you sanctioned, baby
I keep that choppa beretta tucked
It ain't no stop, you no letting up
Free all my niggas that stuck in the can
Hoodie up, lookin' for Zimmerman
How you real and you run on your mans
I'll be damned
I'm comin' out with the Peter Pan
Lookin' for you and your friends
Hop in the rocket, go to Venus
I'm dreamin'
I'ma genius
Hop in the rocket, go to Venus
I'm dreamin'
I'ma genius
Hop in a rocket, I take off
With it, came two for the play soft
There ain't no stoppin' you
Fuck 'bout a obstacle
There ain't no stoppin' my pay short
I do my thing
See niggas try bein' like me
I'm like fu*kit, let's play horse
Bet them go to go look at the streams
100 pack I could make on my day off
While we talkin' 'bout money, I got mine
Richard Mille a quarter, I got time
Really come from a block where they murder and slaughter
Yeah, a nigga been holding red hot line
If I slaughter, I'm takin' it easy
Bitch, I block it and show 'em these stop signs
Know you see it, you not blind
I'ma only keep them when it's my time
I ain't tryna act tough, but they know what's up
As long as I got mine
My security still don't get touched
That's 'cause they gon' bust, you get outlined
Evidently I put 'em to shame
Still the demons on my mind
Yeah, I know that I'm not normal
I'm just living out my shine
Hop in the rocket, go to Venus
I'm dreamin'
I'ma genius
Hop in the rocket, go to Venus
I'm dreamin'
I'ma genius
Yeah, I'm stimulated
I fu*kher better than a vibrator
Owe me 35 favors
That I need sooner or later
All of my killas enabled
Me and the Woo related
Nigga, I'm sharp as a razor
Everything in my favor
Cartier, Times Square
I be in New York like the Rangers
Every song I get a M
I spend an M, I'm back at the label
All of my bitches is twins, and they do what ever I say, so
Niggas watching like the TV, I'm back pullin' cable
I just moved up in my weight class
Nigga, we balling like state champs
Hold up, you better think fast
When a K9 unit on ya ass
All of my niggas off house arrest
For his birthday, got a new beretta
Smoking, I'm high as a bird feather
I bought the V for the Vendetta
Hop in the rocket, go to Venus
I'm dreamin'
I'ma genius
Hop in the rocket, go to Venus
I'm dreamin'
I'ma genius

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- Álbum "Faith" del año (2021) .
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La Canción 'Genius' de Pop Smoke ,incluida en su disco 'Faith' en el año 2021 .Este track 12 del álbum Faith es una de las mejores canciones ,junto a temas como "Mr. Jones feat. Anuel AA" , "Woo Baby" , "Mr. Jones" , "Demeanor" , "Bout A Million" , "Spoiled" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música .Con 3576 Visitas y 1 votos con 10,00 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "Faith" del año 2021 y 451 Visitas
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