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goonies vs. E.T. Letra

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goonies vs. E.T. letra de Run the Jewels lyrics

Maybe if I had another chance, I would give another chance to you
Ooh, If I make another wish, I'll wish for another wish for you (For you)
One, two
(Verse 1: El-P & Killer Mike)
Egads you heard of these lads
The myth how we made a grip never rode dick
Truly the Cadillac of how to contract L’s on the quick
Stick 'em up slick talker no tricks
Its the funniest shit, finally the money up
And print on the kid and the planet hit skids
Livin' in a valley of flames like “I win”
Skyline ablaze in a Bob Ross pic
You don't have to acknowledge I'm raw give a shit
Never nah you can talk of me fond when I'm gone
Bad news bear on the lawn with big claws
Tryna hold our whole lives in its paws and applaud
Swear to god damn the whole city odd
Make a romance hard we got scars for hearts
Shit for odds baby living in a one chance LARP
So I stick to the art, Oh my god I’m
Ultra mag, put cash in bag
Running through dead zone hope I don't crash
Tenor saw motherfu*kring it up fast
Be alarmed ima harm what I can and then dash
Fuck y'all got another planet on stash?
Far from the fact of the flames of our trash?
That is not snow it is ash and you gotta know
The past got a wrath it’s a lover gone mad
But I promise..
Baby, if I had another chance, I would give another chance to you
If I make another wish, I would wish for a wish for you
But the brass on the magic lamp’s damn near rubbed through
It’s been wish after wish after wish after wish
And the chances are that none are comin' true
(Verse 2: Killer Mike)
Amazing ain't it how we made it and didn’t fake it
Life’s a disguise, the truth is butt naked
Used to be a time I'd see it and not say it
Now I understand that woke folk be playin'
Ain't no revolution is televised and digitized
You’ve been hypnotized and twitter-ized by silly guys
Cues to the evenin' news, make sure you ill-advised
Got you celebratin' the generators of genocide
Any good deed is pummeled, punished and penalized
Rulers of the world will slice it up like a dinner pie
Race in a nation told you to identify
People take false pride and warfare incentivized
Fuck that, me and my tribe we on an iller vibe
We accept the role of the villains cause we been villainized
Stomped to the dirt of the Earth we still will arise
In the terror dome let me alone as I soliloqize
This is license to ill with a license to kill
This is nigga with a attitude in Beverly Hills
Heavy build with a pocket full of treasury bills
Got a fire high temper, find it hard to chill
I'm a lifetime member, fu*kthat fu*kshit
Me and Jamie versus y’all with a knife and a musket
Now our tombstones read: “They were nothing to fu*kwith."
Please say that shit again Mike
"We’re nothing to fu*kwith"

Traducciones de la canción:

Español: [Introducción] Tal vez si tuviera otra oportunidad, te daría otra oportunidad Ooh, si pido otro deseo, desearé otro deseo para ti (para ti) Uno dos [Verso 1: El-P y Killer Mike] Egads que escuchaste de estos muchachos El mito de cómo nos agarramos nunca montó polla Verdaderamente el Ca.. - Traducida / Translate
Brasileño: [Introdução] Talvez se eu tivesse outra chance, eu daria outra chance para você Ooh, se eu fizer outro desejo, desejarei outro desejo para você (Para você) Um dois [Verso 1: El-P e Killer Mike] Egads você ouviu falar desses rapazes O mito de como agarramos nunca andava de pau Verdadei.. Tradução
Ruso: 2710/5000 [Вступление] Может быть, если бы у меня был еще один шанс, я бы дал теб.. Russian
Aleman: [Intro] Wenn ich noch eine Chance hätte, würde ich dir vielleicht noch eine Chance geben Ooh, wenn ich noch einen Wunsch mache, wünsche ich dir noch einen Wunsch (für dich) Eins zwei [Vers 1: El-P & Killer Mike] Egads, du hast von diesen Jungs gehört Der Mythos, wie wir uns festhielten,.. Deutsche Übersetzungen
Italiano: [Intro] Forse se avessi un'altra possibilità, ti darei un'altra possibilità Ooh, se faccio un altro desiderio, desidererò un altro desiderio per te (per te) Uno due [Verso 1: El-P & Killer Mike] Egads hai sentito parlare di questi ragazzi Il mito di come abbiamo fatto una presa non ha mai.. Traduzioni

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La Canción 'goonies vs. E.T.' de Run the Jewels ,incluida en su disco 'RTJ4' en el año 2020 .Este track 05 del álbum RTJ4 es una de las mejores canciones Hip Hop ,junto a temas como "JU$T" , "​pulling the pin" , "​walking in the snow" , "holy calamafuck" , "​the ground below" , "a few words for the firing squad (radiation)" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música .Con 7168 Visitas y 0 votos con 0,00 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "Singles" del año 2020 y 293 Visitas
- "RTJ4" del año 2020 y 294 Visitas
- "FIFA 18 Soundtrack" del año 2017 y 413 Visitas
- "Run the Jewels 3" del año 2016 y 628 Visitas

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goonies vs. E.T. Lyrics


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