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Halloween Letra

Artista: Helloween

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Halloween letra de Helloween lyrics

Masquerade, masquerade
Grab your mask and don't be late
Get out get out well disguised
Heat and fever in the air tonight
Meet the others at the store,
Knock on other people's door
Trick or treat they have the choice,
Little ghosts are makin' lotsa noise
But watch out. . .beware
Listen. . .take care
In the streets on Halloween
There's something going on
No way to escape the power unknown
In the streets on Halloween
The spirits will arise
Make your choice, it's hell or paradise
Ah--it's Halloween
Ah--it's Halloween. . .tonight!
Someone's sitting in a field,
Never giving yield
Sitting there with gleaming eyes,
Waiting for big pumpkin to arise
Bad luck if you get a stone,
Like the good old Charlie Brown
You think Linus could be right
The kids will say it's just a stupid lie
But watch out. . .beware--listen. . .take care
Listen now--we are calling you. . .
And there is magic in the air
(Solo Kai)
Magic in the air. . .on Halloween
Black is the night full of fright
You'll be missing the day
What will be here very soon
Changing your way
a knock at your door
Is it real or is it a dream
On trembling legs you open the door
And you scream. . . .on Halloween
(Solo Kai/Mike/Kai/Mike)
Where am I now
Is there anybody out there
What has happened
Am I in heaven
Or is it hell
I can see a light comin'
It's comin' nearer
It's shining
It's shining so bright
It's shining on me
(Solo Kai/Mike/Rhythm change Mike/Kai/Mike/Kai)
I am the one, doom's in my hands
Now make your choice,
Redeemed or enslaved
I'll show you passion and glory
He is the snake
I'll give you power and abundance
He's the corrupter of man
Save me from the evil one
Give me strength to carry on
I will fight for all mankind's
Deliverance and peace of mind
(Harmony Solo both)
But watch out. . .beware
Listen. . .take care
Yeah, it's Halloween
(Solo Licks Kai)
Yeah, it's Halloween. . .tonight

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Letra Helloween - Halloween Con 12234 Visitas y 268 votos
- Rating 9,66 / 10
- Estilo: Rock
- Álbum "The best, The rest, The rare" del año (1991) .
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La Canción 'Halloween' de Helloween ,incluida en su disco 'The best, The rest, The rare' en el año 1991 .Este track 07 del álbum The best, The rest, The rare es una de las mejores canciones Rock ,junto a temas como "Halloween" , "I Want Out" , "Livin' Ain't No Crime" , "Walls Of Jericho" , "Judas" , "Future World" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música .Con 12234 Visitas y 268 votos con 9,66 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "Helloween 2021" del año 2021 y 498 Visitas
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Halloween Lyrics

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9.66 / 10 de 268 Votos y 12234 Visitas
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