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Good evening, children of cultural abandon

You searched for a saviour, well here I am

And all the best ones are dying off so quickly

While I'm still here, enjoy me while you can

Welcome to the Heavy Entertainment Show

The charisma's non-negotiable

Welcome to the Heavy Entertainment Show

I'm about to strip and you're my pole

We are so glorious

Why not leave your job and come on tour with us?

Before I drop dead and die

Good evening, lovers of quality entertainment

Good evening to the others that don't know hit

Even you will leave here with a t-shirt and a programme

Got a house in LA, I'm still paying for it…

Welcome to the Heavy Entertainment Show

It's just the tip but no one will know

Welcome to the Heavy Entertainment Show

All the girls (Robbie!), the boys go (No!)

You are magnificent

Maybe come on stage and be a part of it

I said maybe, baby, baby oh

Come leave the life you're living

Show me the light you're giving

I'll give it all then a little bit more, oh-oh-woah

"He would sell his children

For a hit in Belgium

God knows what he's done

For a number one"

Welcome to the Heavy Entertainment Show

Where the more you see, the less you know

Welcome to the Heavy Entertainment Show

Where Eminem meets Barry Manilow

I am notorious

For making all the crowd sing the chorious

I just made up that word

Come love the life I'm living

Bathe in the light I'm giving

"He'll give it all and a little bit more"

Welcome to the Heavy Entertainment Show

I'm a volcano that's about to blow

Welcome to the Heavy Entertainment Show

This is how I'd like to say "Hello"


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+ Discos:
- The Heavy Entertainment Show en el año (2016)
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