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High Life Letra

Artista: Brad Paisley

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High Life letra de Brad Paisley

I can still remember when

Grandpa died and our ship came in

Daddy said he left momma and him more money than they'd ever seen

And just like that we were thousandaires

Had a brand new boat and a Frigidaire

And all us kids in our underwear were jumping on a trampoline

A bunch low lives living the high life

Money burning a hole right through the pockets of holey jeans

Grandpa's with Lord now, but we got a new Ford now

And we can watch the Big Orange now on a 57 inch TV, that's right

Money was gone by mid-July and we went back to just getting by

'Til momma slipped on a patch of ice outside of Chick-Fil-A

Now we knew they was a Christian bunch

So we didn't ask for all that much

Settled out of court for ten thousand bucks

And free chicken 'til I die a day

A bunch low lives living the high life

Money burning a hole right through the pockets of holey jeans

Momma's got a limp now but we all get to swim now

Cause we got an above ground sitting out by the trampoline

We walked, we rolled, we lived it up until it started running thin

We began looking for a way to spend that will again

I heard a song a couple months ago, was Carrie Underwood on the radio

Reminded me of a poem my brother wrote back in second grade

I know she didn't steal it but so what? We lawyered up and we sued her butt

These days we figured we'd pretty much get paid to go away

A bunch low lives living the high life

Money burning a hole right through the pockets of a holey jeans

This song's another one now, know I get a hot tub now

Set it next to the above ground sitting out by the trampoline

It's gonna run out some day

And that ain't gonna be a fun day

But as long as it ain't a Sunday

We can go to Chick-Fil-A and eat


Man I love those Waffle fries (I know)

That Chick-Fil-A has got some good waffle fries (I'd say, that's right)

Maybe I'll get a diet Coke, I don't know (I wish they had beer, it'd be perfect)

I like the little trays that the food comes on (I like the Polynesian sauce)

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High Life Lyrics

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