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I Gotta Win Letra

Artista: 50 Cent

Letra de canción de música

I Gotta Win letra de 50 Cent

(Intro: 50 Cent)

Yeah this is what you call inner city blues

Now that I got you here I got your attention (I'm a winner winner)

I wanna welcome you all to the winner's circle

(Chorus 2X: 50 Cent)

I'm a winner winner, look I gotta win

After I win I got to win over again

Please don't confuse a, nigga for a loser

Watch me maneuver, with the Ruger

Look I gotta win

(50 Cent)

By any means, I'm a 7 or 11

Trip'-6 or a Cee-Lo, you ain't hear that from me though

My occupation's operation get money

Got that beam on that 9; got that money on my mind

Got no patience, man I grind like I'm runnin out of time

See the sun shine reflect off my shine, you're blind

You write hot lines like mine lines, you're signed

That bitch bad, her ass so fat class she mine

I'm addicted to it, me I got to win

Over and over and over again

This quest for the paper is never gon' end

So to my competition here's the message I send


(50 Cent)

Man you ain't a shooter, you ain't a robber

You talk like a mobster, you fuckin blogger

I say some hard shit you wan' say somethin harder

Smack the shit out you, you wan' run to the law huh?

This movie's a rerun, you seen this before

She used a vibrator and she suck on your boy

I stand out like a sore thumb, I'm hard to ignore

You get addicted to the dick then have to go through withdrawals

After I go through the drawers, I'm back on my grizzly

Back gettin busy, causin a frenzy

It's nuttin new to me, there's nuttin they could do to me

that ain't been done to me - this is fun for me


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I Gotta Win Lyrics

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5,50 / 10 de 2 Votos y 543 Visitas
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