I Knew You Were Trouble Letra

Érase una vez, hace un par de errores atrás, estaba en tu mira, me tuviste sola, me encontraste, me encontraste, me encontraste, supongo que no te importaba, y supongo que me gustaba de esa forma, y cuando me vine abajo, te tiraste hacía ...

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Taylor Swift

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Should have been different but

It wasn't different, was it

Same old story, dear john,

And so long

Should have fit like a glove

Should have fit like a ring

Like a diamond ring

A token of true love

Should have all worked out

But it didn't

She should be here now

But she isn't

There's your trouble,

There's your trouble

You keep seeing double

With the wrong one

You can't see I love you,

You can't see she doesn't

But you just keep holding on

There's your trouble

So now you're thinking 'bout

All you're missing how

Deep you're sinking,

Round and round and dragging down

Why don't you cash in your chips

Why don't you call it a loss

Not such a big loss,

Chalk it up better luck

Could have been true love

But it wasn't

It should all add up

But it doesn't

Should have all worked out

But it didn't

She should be here now

But she isn't

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Eu sabia que você era problema Era uma vez, alguns erros atrás Eu estava na sua mira, você me pegou sozinha Você me encontrou, você me encontrou, você me encontrou Acho que você não se importou e acho que gostei disso E, quand ...

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