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I bury myself in the leaves to sleep

The sun so strong and rage so deep

I keep waking to find I've been dreaming again

And the sound of the ocean is not a plane

And far away they talk about me

In newspaper columns they write about me

round dinner tables and cocktail parties

I'm a heroine and a tragic figure

I'm a heroine as I'm lying here

Beneath my sky

And sometimes

Sometimes I cry


Sometimes I wonder

Why we're always coming down

And why we need to touch the ground

And why I didn't keep on heading

right on up to heaven

I miss my sky

Here from below the clouds are shadows

Not the golden mountains I used to fly through

Here from below the sky's a painting

In a child's room with the future waiting

But not for me

I look up at the birds flying overhead

My sentinel's true but the signals dead

It's been 500 days of hope and sorrow

500 nights with no tomorrow

And the poetry and the best of me

And the heart and the spirit and the se* of me

All fell into the azure sea

In the tailspin with the last of me

And my wings, and my song, all that I knew is dead and gone

I'm weak and tired but my will is strong

And my hope lives on, my hope lives on…

But sometimes,

Sometimes I cry


Sometimes I wonder

Why we're always coming down

Why we need to touch the ground

Why I didn't keep on heading

Right on up to heaven

I miss my sky

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álbum "Redbird" del año (2005) .
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