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In Check Letra

Artista: Bryson Tiller

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In Check letra de Bryson Tiller

Yeah, when

When I look you in your face

I see a good girl who deserves better than me (better than me)

You remember that other night in my bedroom? On top of my bed

I remember the things that you said

Sometimes I forget

Sometimes you gotta put me in check, ayy

In check, yeah, in check, yeah

In check, yeah, in check, yeah

Hollywood, set back

3 hours, I'm jet-lagged

Still tryna lay up with somethin'

Can't believe I just said that

Album, overdue

You would find it hard to focus too

If you met the women I have

Hard not to get side tracked, oh woah

Hey, don't know where my mind at

Hoping you can help find that

I wish I could rewind back (I love you)

Way back so you could put me

Put me in check, yeah, in check, yeah

What did I do to you?

Made a fool of you

I know they told you I'd never be true to you

I'm losing you, losing you

I miss you in my bedroom, on top of my bed

How could I forget what you said?

Sometimes I forget

And sometimes you gotta put me in check, ayy

In check, yeah, in check, yeah

In check, yeah, in check, yeah

Baby, no

Baby, no, no

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