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Initiation feat. Lola Monroe Letra

Artista: Wiz Khalifa

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Initiation feat. Lola Monroe letra de Wiz Khalifa lyrics

(feat. Lola Monroe)
(Intro: Wiz Khalifa)
You've always been a fool man, but you're stupid for this one
(Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa)
This is for my young niggas, this is for my paid niggas
This is for my wild niggas, this is for my gang members
This is for the ones that don't care 'bout bein' hood niggas
This is for them badasses, this is for them good niggas
This is for them fly niggas, this ain't for them broke niggas
This is for high niggas, roll one up and smoke, nigga
This is for them boss niggas that be gettin' paper
This is for them real niggas, this ain't for them fakers
(Hook: Wiz Khalifa)
This is for them Taylors (x16)
Yeah I got it, so I flaunt it
And I bought it cause I want it
Screamin' fu*ka bitch nigga and a hater
This is for them
(Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa)
This is for them lil niggas that be goin' so hard
That be on they grind, know exactly where they post are
Tryin' to get they cheese, tryin' to get they pocket so large
This for niggas over-seas, this is for them dope boys
This is for them joint-smokers, this is for them gin-sippers
This ain't for no ho niggas, this ain't for no bitch niggas
This is for them rich niggas that be gettin' paper
All I do is ball, nigga, that's my human nature
This is for them niggas who know that they got strong pack
If it ain't strong, we don't blow that
If it ain't strong, it's gon' go back
Money so long, that shit throw-back
And my nigga, this shit paid for, I don't owe that
It's a movie dog, it's a Kodak
And I'm so gone, see you later
This ain't for y'all
(Verse 3: Lola Monroe)
Monroe, Taylor Gang's?
For dough, four more coupes then blow mo'
It's about to go down like a credit score
Your broke ass can't even use debit, whore
Versacci decor from the bed to the floor
Have several seats or exit door
Pussy sweet, shoot me
We ain't gettin' money, Jew me
Whole time your pockets' tighter than a new weave
Fuck 'em, we gon' roll up like two sleeves
Taylor Gang, ? to bang
Y'all pussy weed blanks from failure range
They could never duplicate my Taylor frames
It's the Taylor ring, got a Taylor dame
For the season, oh snap
And focus on my head shots
And I ain't never loafin', you won't catch me with bread knots
Eenie, meenie, minie fuckin' mo
All these birds be goosin', so I be duckin' hoes
N-never had an issue givin' bitches my ass to kiss
Wiz told me get 'em so I'm comin' out blastin' bitch
(Outro: Amber Rose)
Hey baby, it's me
Um, I know you out there performin' right now, but
I just wanted to leave you a little message
To let you know how much I love you
And I miss you
And I wish you were home with me right now
But I'm so proud of you
And I'm so happy that you're doin' so well out there
I miss you baby, I miss you so much
I can't wait to see you
I love you, muah, bye

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Initiation feat. Lola Monroe Lyrics

Initiation feat. Lola Monroe Video

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