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(Helluva a beat baby)
Lil Jay and Twan, Lil Jay and ayy

Twan walkin' with his bloods
A car pull up, he think he trippin' off them drugs
They rolled the window down and was like, "What up cous'? That nigga that y'all killed at that store, I'm his son"
Twan like, "Don't call me cous' boy, I'm blood gang brazy"
Before he could finish, lil' cous' up a Dracie
Glah, glah, bang, left his man's on the pavement
Shots flyin' Twan hit a fence, he escaped him
Lil' cous' live on the 'gram like, "I'm shakin' shit, keep your head up when I blow that chopper breakin' shit"
He pissed 'cause he gave Jay two-hundred K to take the hit
Jay ain't complete it, Twan caught him out and sprayed the whip
His girl died don't nobody know where Jay at
Twan sick his man's got dropped, he couldn't spray back
He call his other man's like, "I'm slippin' where my K at? That lil' nigga tried to take my life, I need some payback"
Lil' cous' playin' with a check he out here flexin'
All on the 'gram, he want the world to know he present
Niggas get money and go absent, that nigga out here present
He think he front line, but he really movin' reckless
Lil' cous' link with a bitch on the low
She know where Twan live, "Oh yeah it's on the floor"
She like, "I know his off guard and random, I know, but Twan killed my cousin that nigga got to go"
Lil' cous' look at Twan picture like, "I'm merkin' you"
Told his homie fall back, my baby this personal
That new MAC-11 like a bitch, it's gon' squirt and ooze
Ain't gon' stop huntin' niggas 'til he see a hearse or two
He pulled up to Twan crib, all shit
Twan get home, he on some drunk 'bout to fall shit
Walk up to his door, he look up and see all blicks
Lil' cous' aimin' at his face like, "You lost bitch"
Walk him in the crib, took him to the room
Lil' cous' like, "I'm takin' everything too, you killed a real nigga don't trip you dyin' soon"
That nigga final sight was a Glock, boom
Twan lift his head up
Lil' cous' layin' on the floor with his head bust
Jay in the doorway, gun in his hand up smokin' like, "You ain't think this was in the plans huh?"
Twan reach for his heat tryna strike
Jay pin him down, Twan drunk, he can't even fight
Jay like, "I know I crossed you, let me make it right
This nigga was 'bout to kill you, I just saved your life
I crossed you and that wasn't my job as your brother
Kill me I still trust you, show you I still love you"
Twan got up, them niggas embraced each other
Can't shit come between them, they closer than real brothers

"I crossed you and that wasn't my job as your brother
Kill me I still trust you, show you I still love you"
Twan got up, them niggas embraced each other
Twan put the metal to his head and he busted

Tee Grizzley

Traducciones de la canción: Español: (Helluva a beat baby) Lil Jay y Twan, Lil Jay y ayy Twan caminando con su sangre Un auto se detuvo, él cree que se ha tropezado con las drogas . Bajaron la ventanilla y dijeron: "¿Qué pasa? Eso nigga que mataron en esa tienda, soy su hijo" Twan como, "No me llames cous' boy, soy un loco ..
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Brasileño: (Inferno uma batida, baby) Lil Jay e Twan, Lil Jay e ayy Twan andando com seus sangues Um carro parou, ele acha que está tropeçando nas drogas Eles baixaram a janela e ficaram tipo, "E aí primo? Isso Mano que vocês mataram naquela loja, eu sou o filho dele" Twan tipo, "Não me chame de .. Tradução

Ruso: (Черт возьми, детка) Лил Джей и Тван, Лил Джей и Эй Тван гуляют со своеl.. Russian

Aleman: (Helluva a beat baby) Lil Jay und Twan, Lil Jay und ayy Twan laufen mit seinem Blut Ein Auto fährt vor, er denkt, er stolpert über die Drogen Nigga, den du in diesem Laden getötet hast, ich bin sein Sohn " Twan sagt: "Nenn mich nicht Cous' Boy, ich bin eine Blutbande, die brazy ist" Bev.. Deutsche Übersetzungen

Italiano: (Helluva a beat baby) Lil Jay e Twan, Lil Jay e ayy Twan camminano con il suo sangue Una macchina si ferma, pensa di essere inciampato nella droga Hanno abbassato il finestrino ed erano tipo, "Che succede? Quello? negro che avete ucciso tutti in quel negozio, sono suo figlio" Twan tipo "Non.. Traduzioni

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La Canción 'Jay & Twan 3' de Tee Grizzley ,incluida en su disco 'Chapters Of The Trenches' en el año 2022 .Este track 04 del álbum Chapters Of The Trenches es una de las mejores canciones Hip Hop ,junto a temas como "Tez & Tone 1" , "Jay & Twan 1" , "Jay & Twan 2" , "Ms. Evans 2" , "Robbery, Pt. 5" , "Robbery, Pt. 4" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música y escuchar sus canciones .Con 786 Visitas y 0 votos con 0,00 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "Half Tee Half Beast" del año 2022 y 100
- "Chapters Of The Trenches" del año 2022 y 43
- "ACTIVATED" del año 2018 y 600

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Jay & Twan 3 Lyrics


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