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Jump the Gun Letra

Artista: Barei

Letra de canción de música

Jump the Gun letra de Barei

-Verse 1-

Full moon! We made love like no one ever could’ve done!

Full sun! We woke up beside a cranny

Between your skin and my skin!

-Pre Hook-

Why do we need to play again?

The second time is not a charm!

Why do we rake up yesterday?

This is forgone...

Let’s up the ante!


Look how far we’ve come!

Falling time and time again for nothing!

It has been a long and bumpy road!

Anything we built up once is burning, burning!

Walls fall down!

I don’t wanna a life of wishful thinking!

We must stop all this,

Starting now! We just gotta run away from

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Craving craving...

-Verse 3-

Come on!

We both know two wrongs

Don’t ever make a right

What’s wrong if we want to drop over the same stone one time

Two times...?

-Pre Hook-

Why do we need

To jump the gun?

Anything every other day!

Why do we you

Show the ace of hearts

Just when the stars

Are falling under!


Look how far we’ve come!


Burning burning...

Everything is burning


All we had is burning


Walls are falling down!


Look how far we’ve come!

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