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(You lookin too gooood.

What you standin over there by yourself for..

Wont you come over here...


I think its time we take a trip, tell me where.

Tell me where u wanna gooooO aah(u wan go)

I got an idea(what you think about this....just follow me baby..take you where you need to be))

Gurl you know that you the sshhh, 'way u walkin wit dem heels on

Talkin to me dirty yo body I wanna feel on(feel on) feel on(feel on)

Once I get to you I promise we gon go re-real long(real long) real long (real long) real long

Gurl I do you rite

Don't you know that you the sshhh, got me turnin off my cell phone

Nothins more important than gettin our fairytale on(tale on)

Ya hair long(hair long)

I just wanna pull it

Baby wait a minute

Don't be timid

Don't be shy you so fly

I just wanna take you on a ride

Hook 2X

I think its time we a trip to the bed

Gurl yo bodys' talkin and im lovin what she said

Don't you be a fraid to

Let me elevate you

Welcome you to suuuper.. duuuper..Jupiter Looove

Gurl you know dat you the ssshh

Aint nobody gotta tell ya

Natural body fragrance is such a sweet aroma

OoooOh hooow I lOOoooove

being inside your lOOoooove

You lookin tooo goooood

For me not jump all over you

So goooood

That's exactly what I wanna do

Let me hold ya heart, show me where to start

Its amazin how you shine in the dark

Hook 2X

I think its time we take a trip to the bed(can we go there)

Gurl yo bodys' talkin and Im lovin what's she said

Don't you be afraid to

Let me elevate you

(I wanna)Welcome you to suuuper(wEeew)..duuuper..Jupiter Looove

Eeeew now that we are here

The stars are all aligned

Its unbelievable

Sooooo incredible

Give me your looooooooooooooooooove

Ho ho ho ho ho ho hooo

YooO looove

Weeelcome to suuper duuper Jupiter Looove

Hook 3X

I think its time we take a trip ro the bed

Gurl yo bodys' talkin and im lovin what she said

Don't you be afraid to

Let me elevate you

Welcome you to suuuper..duuuper..Jupiter Looove

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Estilo: Hip Hop
álbum "Ready" del año (2009) .
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