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Karate feat. Charlie Daniels Letra

Artista: Brad Paisley

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Karate feat. Charlie Daniels letra de Brad Paisley

(feat. Charlie Daniels)

She doesn’t dare go in the place with those bruises on her face

So she goes through the drive-thru and keeps her sunglasses on

She didn’t know when she married that man

She’d get to know him like the back of his hand

But now she’s had enough, and the battle lines are drawn

He’s in a bar chasing Cuervo with Tecate

He doesn’t know she’s been taking karate

The way she figures it about July

She’ll finally have the belt to match her eye

She’s on a mission as the months pass

Five days a week and never misses a class

And now she’s up to breakin’ boards and concrete blocks

He’s in a bar chasing Cuervo with Tecate

He doesn’t know she’s been taking karate

Now here it is just about July

She’s gonna get that belt to match her eye

He stumbled through the door tonight

And started treatin’ her rough

Well, she took one look at him and her training kicked in

And she’d finally had enough

He threw a punch, she spun around

Grabbed his arm and put him on the ground

Grabbed a cuttin’ board on his way down and she kicked it in half

His knees hit the floor, his chin hit a chair

Knocked out his tooth and it flew through the air

Grabbed his head by the back of his hair and slammed him into the fridge

She landed a left, a right and then a left

She landed a roundhouse right in his chest and a scissor punch upside his head

Broke his nose, swept a leg, he started to fall

And on his way down, she took a bow, and the lights went out

He’s on the floor like he went a round with Rocky

He didn’t know she’d been taking karate

A hundred bucks says tomorrow night

She’s got a brand new belt that’s gonna match his eye

He doesn’t dare go in the place with those bruises on his face

So he goes through the drive-thru with his sunglasses on

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