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Killer (Remix) Letra

Letra Eminem - Killer (Remix) Eminem

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Killer (Remix) letra de Eminem lyrics

Cordae & Jack Harlow.
(Killer) Yeah
I'm a (Boy's crazy), I'm a cold blooded (Killer)
Made all this money from doin' this (Yeah, look)
​d.a. got that dope
Now count it, five, ten, yeah, fifteen, twenty
Twenty-five, thirty, yeah, get the money
Throw it in the furnace, yeah, this shit be funny
Earn it just to burn it, swag drip—
I used to rock a toboggan
Headphones around my neck, tryna be like Shady
Now the phone that's in my pocket seem to keep vibratin'
I got all these Rodney Bennett's tryna be my baby
Tryna fiancé me, I take the steering wheel and drive them girls beyond crazy (Crazy)
I'm on a song with my idol
I'm a cold blooded version of the song title
I put these diamonds in the ring like they was Shawn Michaels
I can't put the Louis V inside the wash cycle
I take this shit to the cleaners
'Bout to cop me a Beamer, I got a special demeanor
She was mine when I seen her, I'm gettin' meaner and meaner
Called the front desk and asked for a steamer
I'm a bitch bagger, not a Twitch streamer
I'm eatin' pizza in Little Italy, damn, I used to hit Caesars
She 'bout to finish, but wait a minute, it gets deeper
Same kid just a bit sleeker
Now count it, five, ten, yeah, fifteen, twenty
Twenty-five, thirty, yeah, get the money
Throw it in the furnace, yeah, this shit be funny
Earn it just to burn it (Listen, uh)
They say my killin's horrendous, "How he still in the business?"
Rich as hell and it's feelin' tremendous
Ma dukes chillin' in Venice, compliments of her eldest, the cynic
Give hell with these writtens, this shit only propel my ascension
I held my position in any situation that's needed
This year I'm shittin' on niggas for the way we was treated
I see the impact of all my creations increasin'
My step in time with these Pantheons, it was all was divine
I'm in this moment of my life where shit is fallin' in line
And lookin' back, I swear to god, you'd think it all was designed
A true movie script, I can't really ever f*ck no groupie bitch
All she got is diamonds on her mind on some Uzi shit
A whole generation of geniuses I'm influencin'
I only hang with niggas who I'm congruent with
I manifest nothing less than the best outcome
Just watch my moves with this next album, nigga
Now count it, five, ten, yeah, fifteen, twenty
Twenty-five, thirty, yeah, get the money
Throw it in the furnace, yeah, this shit be funny
Earn it just to burn it, swag drippin' from me
My sentences are harsh, every single's bar's like a verdict
I say it with conviction, but this time you're not gonna serve it
But as soon as I read it, you know that you're about to get murdered
When I capital punish then put you in a box like a juror
If there's a rapper I haven't ate (Where?)
We ain't battled, either that or they won't collaborate
'Cause pad or paper freestyle will settle that debate (Yup)
I call it guillotine style 'cause even off the head, I decapitate
Yeah, bitch, I go harder than Carter III (What?)
But I think your thottie just thought of me
She got a body and bottom like Cardi B
And she be stalking me like I was broccoli
I'm getting brain now like a lobotomy
You probably thinkin' you had that shit in the bag like it's a colostomy
It's a red alert, you better skrrt or try to get on my level first
Bitch, I'd had to shovel dirt and dig a hole to get on yours
You bum-bum, look at your broke ass (Yeah)
It's why your a bum-bum (Why?) 'cause your shit is so ass (Yeah)
Syllable gun-guns, spits and goes "Hadoo"
Only L that I ever took is when I lost Proof (Yeah)
Only time that I ever got served was that lawsuit when Ma sued (What?)
But, bitch, get out of pocket and I might accost you
Homicides up the wazoo
Chain garden probably got more body-ody-odys than John do (John do)
Just called Snoop and I talked to him, we all cool
Dre, me and the Dogg good, Doc, we got you
Got a castle with a solid gold floor
No I don't, I don't even got a boat nor
Do I got a chauffeur, but a lot to show for
You don't wanna f*ck around and start no war
Twenty more years, I could probably go for
Just like your lip and you got a cold sore
My shit is like motherf*ckin' herpe
You ain't ever gonna say I don't got it no more (Bitch)
Literally it's stupidity, you kiddin' me?
Dying laughing is the only way you're killing me
I'm getting rid of ya, get clapped like chlamydia
The wittiest, bitch, I'll snap like a tibia
You wanna get silly with the bars? I'm frivolous
But I'm as gritty and litty as my city is
East side 'til I die, bitch, I will rep 'til the end like a chameleon
A killer instinct with the pen's ink and they're in sync like a faucet
How the f*ck do I even think of this ridic*lous shit?
I'm a quarter of a century deep and I can't be beat (Nah)
'Til the day me and the grim reap meet, I'm ten toes down 'til I'm six feet deep
Windows down in the Benz E jeep hollerin' at a bimbo, beep-beep-beep
She said she f*cks with (?)
I can see why you envy me, you get no ass like an empty seat
So this shit comes with a warning for all you punks and corny
Little f*cks, I woke up on my f*ck shit this morning
Now count it, five, ten, yeah, fifteen, twenty
Twenty-five, thirty, yeah, get the money
Throw it in the furnace, yeah, this shit be funny
Earn it just to burn it, swag drippin' from me
Yeah, I'm a (Killer)
Yeah, I'm a what, I'm a cold blooded (Killer)

Traducciones de la canción:

Español: Cordae y Jack Harlow. (Asesino) Sí , soy un (Chico está loco), soy un (Asesino) de sangre fría (Asesino) Hice todo este dinero haciendo esto (Sí, mira) Da tiene esa droga Ahora cuéntalo, cinco, diez, sí, quince, veinte veinticinco, treinta, sí, coge el dinero Tíralo al horno, s.. - Traducida / Translate
Brasileño: Cordae & Jack Harlow. (Assassino) Sim, eu sou um (o garoto é louco), eu sou um de sangue frio (Assassino) Ganhei todo esse dinheiro fazendo isso (Sim, olhe) o pai pegou aquela droga Agora conte, cinco, dez, quinze, vinte Vinte e cinco, trinta, sim, pegue o dinheiro Jogue-o na fornalha,.. Tradução
Ruso: Корда и Джек Харлоу. (Убийца) Да, я (сумасшедший мальчик), я хладнокров.. Russian
Aleman: Cordae & Jack Harlow. (Mörder) Ja , ich bin ein (Junge ist verrückt), ich bin ein Kaltblüter (Mörder) Aus all dieses Geld von doin' diese (Ja, Blick) da bekam , dass dope es jetzt zählen, fünf, zehn, ja, fünfzehn, zwanzig fünfundzwanzig, dreißig, ja, hol das Geld Wirf es in den.. Deutsche Übersetzungen
Italiano: Cordae e Jack Harlow. (Killer) Sì, sono un (Ragazzo è pazzo), sono un a sangue freddo (Assassino) Ho fatto tutti questi soldi facendo questo (Sì, guarda) da ho quella droga Ora conta, cinque, dieci, sì, quindici, venti venticinque, trenta, sì, prendi i soldi Gettalo nella fornace, .. Traduzioni

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La Canción 'Killer (Remix)' de Eminem ,incluida en su disco 'Singles' en el año 2017 .Este track 06 del álbum Singles es una de las mejores canciones Hip Hop ,junto a temas como "Walk On Water (feat. Beyoncé)" , "KILLSHOT" , "Killer (Remix)" , "Last One Standing" , "The King And I ft CeeLo Green" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música .Con 15535 Visitas y 1 votos con 10,00 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "Curtain Call 2" del año 2022 y 16
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Killer (Remix) Lyrics

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