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You found me


Big motion like a bird,

Strangest song I ever heard.

Now, now that you're here

Stay with me light years,

Light years, light years.

No paper, no ring

In the trees where frogs sing.

I brought lilies for you,

Think of all the things were gonna do.

Now, now that you're here,

Stay with me light years.

I give you a thousand hours,

Making love in the tall sunflowers.

I give you a thousand feet

Down where the water's deep.

Sleepy storm, sleepy head,

Limb for limb on my bed.

Now, now that you're here,

Stay with me light years,

Light years, light years,

Light years, stay with me,

Stay with me, stay.

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Estilo: Pop Rock Internacional
álbum "Blow" del año (1993) .
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08 "Frontier"
"Redbird en el año 2005
"Storm en el año 2003
"Blow en el año 1993
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