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Like Your Style Letra

Artista: J Hus

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Like Your Style letra de J Hus

I like your style

I like your style

Alexander McQueen with the roundneck

Told the promoter, I'll be two secs

Had to se* two chicks before soundcheck

She looked deep into my eyes and gave me proud neck (yeah)

That's my new broad, always text her when I'm too bored

Have her posing Madame Tussauds

Baby what's the crack, what's the story (what's going on)

Baby what's the crack, what's the story

Fuck up the 'uss in my sunglasses

Bartenders and pole dancers in my hotel, with no trousers

Me and her, we're just alike man, we're so heartless

So you text her, you get no answers

I don't text her, that's extra

Had to sleep in lecture

Fucking uni bitches throughout the whole semester

The bed is made for one, so I ain't sharing it

Anything you need, tell Frank he'll take care of it

I like your style (I like your style) x4

Bad B licking on my earlobe

Versace bathrobe, everytin' highclass

Put a siderock in the wine glass

Big booty in the jacuzzi, just to her the time pass

Trya take in all these W's

When the money come, I do what I wanna do

Getting brain, when I eat my cereal

Skinny man, take on BBW

You know the big girls need loving too

And I'm the one they keep coming too

One the gyaldem, one da hook-up

Even my next door neighbour came asking for sugar

We on the same page, no need for discussion

Then we do something disgusting

Still ugly, but I'm not fussing

J-Hus, even your mum loves it

I like your style (I like your style) x4

I like your style (I like your style)

Baby what's the crack, what's the story

Baby what's the crack, what's the story

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