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Love Me If You Can Letra

Artista: Toby Keith

Letra de canción de música

Love Me If You Can letra de Toby Keith

Love Me If You Can

(Verse 1)

Sometimes think the poor is necessary

Every night I pray for peace on earth

And I hand down my dollars to the homeless

But believe that every able soul should work

(Pre Chorus)

My father gave me my shotgun

That I'll hand down to my son

Try to teach him everything it means


I'm a man of my convictions

Call me wrong, call me right

But I bring my better angels to every fight

You may not like where I'm goin'

But you sure know where I stand

Hate me if you want to

Love me if you can

(Verse 2)

I stand by my right to speak freely

But I worry 'bout what kids learn from TV

And before all of debatin' turns to angry words and hate

Sometimes we should just agree to disagree

(Pre Chorus)

And I believe that Jesus

Looks down here and sees us

And if you ask him, he would say

(Chorus Out)

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