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Lying In State Letra

Artista: Megadeth

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Lying In State letra de Megadeth

What we are witnessing is the decline of western civilization
Crushing our potential and piling it on, how will history portray us?
Attack the family, attack their faith and dreams
Attack the body and the head will fall
A lasting legacy or ruin brought in haste?
The enemy of truth is lying there in state
Another day, another manufactured crisis keeping the people distracted
There's no one playing by the rules anymore, how will history portray us?
A broken backbone with nothing left to lose?
That hate the sight of all the ones that do?
A lasting legacy or ruin brought in haste?
The enemy of truth is lying there in state
A shiny new agenda, birthed from a depraved mind
Of failing us on purpose, to culturally sanitize
Its opiates for the masses under cloak as hope and change
The "new normal" or just more of the same?
The perfect plan
Must have an alibi
And the perfect pawn
To spew the party line
Of the perfect falsehood
Spoke a thousand times
The perfect words
Cover the greatest crime
Hell is turning itself inside out
To lead its path up to meet us
And we deliberately take
A step, one foot closer to the grave

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- Álbum "Dystopia" del año (2016) .
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Lying In State Lyrics

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