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Like a montage in a movie, right before the hero dies

Like the first time that you listen to your favorite singer live

Like an echo in a canyon

Like tears, but you're not sad

Like a sunrise on a mountain

I wanna move you like that

Oh, I wanna move you like that (oh, oh)

Like a symphony at sundown, in the middle of July

When a lyric really gets you and it breaks you down inside

Like the home that you were raised in

Like faded photographs

Like the thrill of Christmas morning

Yeah, I wanna move you like that

Oh, I wanna move you like that (oh, oh)

Like a solemn Hallelujah

Like a choir shouts amen (amen)

Like your first time falling in love on a stairway up to heaven

Like a soldier who is falling as he holds his country's flag

And he fights for freedom's calling

I wanna move you like that

Oh, I wanna move you like that (oh, oh)

I wanna move you like that (oh, oh)

Oh, like that, oh (oh, oh)

I wanna move you like that (like that)

(Oh, oh)

(I wanna move you)

Like an endless fire burning

Like a hope that fuels the light

Like the hands that simply hold you, when words can't make it right

Like the first time that I met you, I fell so hard, so fast

Like that montage in a movie

Mmm, the way you move me

I wanna move you like that

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álbum "Meaning of Life" del año (2017) .
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