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My new robot Letra

Artista: Neil Young

Letra de canción de música

My new robot letra de Neil Young

It's a lonely cup of coffee

Cause my baby's gone

Someone has to work

I know that's true

Carpenters bring ladders

I bring love to you

Their working day begin

Under skies of blue

Is just now getting started

And I'm sitting under a tree

Singing a song

And thinking of you

My life has been so lucky

The package is arrived

I got my new robot

From amazon dot com

Unpacking it now

I have a sense of pride

I'm going online

To program it for you

(Powering on)

Things here have changed

Welcome to: (Your name), House, Home

Swipe your card

When you enter your pin number

My owner is not available

Please enjoy your stay

Leave magnetic articles

In the plastic bin marked Visitor in grey

For color blind visitors

Please refer to parameters

To enter your new 7-digit password

That must contain at least one numeric character

And your mother's maiden name

Please feel free

It's just an exercise

Your media is already chosen

Based on your habits

(Powering off)

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- Estilo: Pop Rock
- Álbum "Peace trail" del año (2016) .
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La Canción 'My new robot' de Neil Young ,incluida en su disco 'Peace trail' en el año 2016 .Este track 10 del álbum Peace trail es una de las mejores canciones Pop Rock ,junto a temas como "Peace trail" , "My pledge" , "Can't stop workin'" , "My new robot" , "Show me" , "Glass accident" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música .Con 969 Visitas y 0 votos con 0,00 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "Bright: The Album" del año 2017 y 356 Visitas
- "Hitchhiker" del año 2017 y 437 Visitas
- "Peace trail" del año 2016 y 628 Visitas
- "Harvest Moon" del año 2014 y 685 Visitas
- "A Letter Home" del año 2014 y 929 Visitas
- "Psychedelic Pill" del año 2012 y 1741 Visitas
- "Americana" del año 2012 y 1315 Visitas
- "Dreamin' Man" del año 2009 y 2947 Visitas
- "Fork in the road" del año 2009 y 3141 Visitas
- "Chrome Dreams II" del año 2007 y 4787 Visitas
- "Living with war" del año 2006 y 3134 Visitas

My new robot Lyrics

01 Peace trail
08 My pledge
02 Can't stop workin'
10 My new robot
04 Show me
09 Glass accident

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