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I saw a crash on the interstate

It left a feeling I could not shake

Just a name in a database

Who must be notified

It's not a phone call I want to make

A stranger answers I hesitate

Got some bad news that couldn't wait

Are you sitting down?

Her bathrobe hangs on the bedroom door

Though she's been dead for a year or more

He buried her by the sycamore

So that he could keep her close

It broke his heart and it made him old

Tries to rebuild but it just erode

People say that's the way it goes

But he don't feel that way

Get too drunk and you can't perform

Something dies when a star is born

I spread my anger like Agent Orange

I was indiscriminate... yeah

I met Lou Reed and Patti Smith

It didn't make me feel different

I guess I lost all my innocence

Way too long ago

She called my bluff and she won the fight

I ran outside in the hot twilight

I had a lighter that didn't light

Though I know I shouldn't smoke

I was gone, I was free to leave

Walking fast down The Bowery

Tears in my eyes so I couldn't see

But I made my way back home


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Next of Kin Lyrics

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