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No Motive feat. Lil Wayne Letra

Artista: DJ Khaled

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No Motive feat. Lil Wayne letra de DJ Khaled lyrics

(Intro: Lil Wayne)
(Verse 1: Lil Wayne)
I'm a lover not a fighter, I can't find my lighter, my house is four stories,
I tell'em I don't write em', and my living room is white, my lies are much whiter,
my darkest secrets are bright I need a sun visor, I say "187", make your bitch run my errands,
I'm at the bar with a Dracula ordering bloody Mary's, I got a house on the prairie, got a corpse in the basement,
I see hell out the window, man this view is amazing and if I go back to jail,
Persian rugs in my cell, got the world in my hands it got all under my nails
In a room full of stairs (stares), give em something to see
I be so fucking faded, Who washed the colors with bleach?
Now they biting my style, hope it get stuck in yo teeth
I been had the green light, so don't jump in the street
The World's under my feet, I'm just kissing the sky
Tune, what is that smell? That's the shit on my mind...eh
(Hook: DJ Khaled & Lil Wayne)
Fuck all you bitches (x4)
Fuck all you hoes (x2)
1 million, 2 millions, 3, 4
(Verse 2: Lil Wayne)
Breaking up the kush, sticky fingers-onics
I'm throwing up gang signs you can see I'm in my vomit
And I'm cool right na' but please dont change the climate
Cause I'm sleeping with the enemy in bulletproof pajamas
I got issues bigger than you, bitches taller than me
Ratchet and Bougie, I like R'n'B
Unapologetic I'm sorry for not being sorry
You niggas old news prehistoric
I need benadryl for my trigger finga, bad bitches for my home boys
The grass is greener on the other side, I'm focused on my own yard
Ain't got enough, need more dough, we twisting blunts like torsos
I'm rich as fu*kbut more so, a poor soul
Oh well, If snow fell like hoes fell in love I be a snow man
My bitch a die for me, she a soldier, GI Joe-Ann
— take chances when I know I ain't got no chance, roll em
I left that crab table with a chip on my shoulder
(Hook: DJ Khaled)
Fuck all you bitches (x4)
Fuck all you hoes (x2)
1 million, 2 millions, 3, 4
(Outro: Lil Wayne)
We ain't got no motive, we just killin' yall for nothing and my bitch got cotton mouth,
you know them snakes cannot be trusted, and I bet y'all niggas don't say shit,
because I'm feeling lucky and I still pray everynight that Aliens abduct me, Tunechi

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- Estilo: Dance
- Álbum "Suffering from Success" del año (2013) .
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La Canción 'No Motive feat. Lil Wayne' de DJ Khaled ,incluida en su disco 'Suffering from Success' en el año 2013 .Este track 07 del álbum Suffering from Success es una de las mejores canciones Dance ,junto a temas como "No New Friends feat. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne" , "Never Surrender feat. Akon" , "Helen Keller feat. Kat Dahlia" , "Suffering From Success feat. Future & Ace Hood" , "Obama (Winning More Interlude)" , "You Don't Want These Problems feat. 2 Chainz" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música .Con 1481 Visitas y 0 votos con 0,00 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "Khaled Khaled" del año 2020 y 343 Visitas
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No Motive feat. Lil Wayne Lyrics

No Motive feat. Lil Wayne Video

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