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Nobody Knows Letra

Artista: Nelly

Letra de canción de música

Nobody Knows letra de Nelly

(feat. Anthony Hamilton)

(Anthony Hamilton)

IIIIIIIII didn't know, there'd be troubles along the way

Nobody told me nothin, nobody told me nothin, nothin

Well, well, ohh, ohhhh, ohhhhhh, oahh-ohhhh

Well, ay-heyyy, ay-hey, we-ell

Uh-huh, uh-huh-huh, uh-huh-huh, uh-huh-huh


I went through, 8 different schools in, 12 different years

That's 30 different teachers, over ten thousand different peers

And I done fought in e'ryone, been suspended e'rytime

Besides a few a felony, done committed e'ry crime

But never braggin on, just want you to see me what I done done

I'm never proud of it, so I don't have to go back there again

And uhh, I used to go like house to house (man)

Sleepin on couch to couch (you know)

Walk around stickin out my hands, lookin for a handout

Only thing I handed out was more bills

Only thing pulled me out was my will

God told me the sun don't chill

Determined to make use of one of these skills

Either that or go beat the block

Ain't no way you can beat the cops

Ain't no way I can beat the clock

Just a matter of time shut down your shop

Ohh, you stay up day and nights, livin this way of life

I was +Young and Restless+

+All My Children+ came and then I had a +Guiding Light+ (hey)

No more of that sittin mayne (c'mon) sittin and waitin

and thinkin somebody comin to take me up off them streets

But now I know..

(Chorus - Anthony Hamilton)

Nobody told me that the road would be easy, yeah

I don't believe, I've made it this far

My whole life, man I've been workin so hard and I know

Nobody told me that the road would be easy (Whoaaaaaa, that the road)

I can't believe, I've made it this far (Whoo, yeahhh)

My whole life, man I've been workin so hard and I know


I can tell you right now, I'm sayin

I could sit here and count on one hand

How many people seen me graduate

I know a few that did but a bunch that ain't (hey)

Same folks showin up in swarms, waitin for me to go on

Wantin to see Ali perform, wasn't so po' before

I became this household name

I was playin them Little League games

Nobody curred if I go 0-for-3

Nobody out hurr rootin for me but my Momma

Supported me in e'rything, "Why she get e'rything?"

Some people got the nerve to ask

Y'all can kiss my ass, and that's my Momma

Got a sister that need my help (hey) and I gave peace all with wealth

Give anything that I have, just to see her in perfect health

Now we out hurr complainin, "I got work to do" (ohh)

How bad you think you got it, somebody else got it worse than you (hey)

I done had them down and ups and, don't plan on comin back down (no)

Don't plan on leavin hurr no time soon, but I got too comfortable now

Wouldn't have no knowledge of wealth, without no knowledge of self

And I'ma keep walkin this road - my mind, body and soul

I know (*echoes*)


(Anthony Hamilton)

I didn't knowwwww

There'd be troubles along the way (I didn't know there'd be troubles)

Nobody told me nothin (nobody told me nothin)

That would help me to ease my pain (to help ease my pain, yeah)

I've been walkin this roooooad, for forever and a day (forever and a day)

Now I've been searchin somethin (whoa-ohhh)

For someone to help me find my way (somebody help me, find my way)

And now I know

(Chorus) - fades out w/ ad libs.

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La Canción 'Nobody Knows' de Nelly ,incluida en su disco 'Suit' en el año 2004 .Este track 10 del álbum Suit es una de las mejores canciones Hip Hop - Rap ,junto a temas como "Over And Over" , "Nobody Knows" , "N Dey Say" , "My Place" , "Pretty Toes" , "In My Life" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música .Con 1969 Visitas y 0 votos con 5,00 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "M.O." del año 2013 y 3310 Visitas
- "5.0" del año 2011 y 4566 Visitas
- "Brass Knuckles" del año 2008 y 9613 Visitas
- "Grillz (Cd Single)" del año 2006 y 9591 Visitas
- "Suit" del año 2004 y 6487 Visitas
- "Sweat" del año 2004 y 5996 Visitas
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