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(feat. Obie Trice)

Yeah, this is DJ Seven Deuce

of the Motown sounds on W-Down, ha ha

Give a big shout out to Runyan Ave.

and them Detroit players, y'knowhatImean?

And we gonna go to the phone lines right now

Caller.. (BEEP)

Caller my ass! You know who this is

Look I'm mad as hell

First you got Eminem, this nigga say he gon' get me on his album

No show I didn't get on it

Then he signed these niggaz D-12, these lil' punk ass niggaz

Then all of a sudden I heard he signed a new motherfucker named

(Obie Trice)

Obie Trice, first I took the underground over

The well-known asshole brought y'all whore

Then the industry start interestin me

Now I'm Shady Records like Marshall Mathers LP

Mr. Trice, the name has occured

in your conversation, but the face is a blur

And if you never spoke my name, nigga you heard

Got word, from that mega bitch that stay bootleggin

Underground since the Fu-Schnickens

Or underground since Chi-Ali was fuckin with them stupid bitches

Different species (AHHH!)

Shittin on you punk motherfuckers

with a Dirty Dozen type of feces


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- Estilo: Pop Rock Internacional
- Álbum "Devils Nigth" del año (2001) .
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Obie Trice (Skit) - Rondell Beene Lyrics

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6,69 / 10 de 4 Votos y 601 Visitas
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