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On the Double Letra

Artista: Snoop Dogg

Letra de canción de música

On the Double letra de Snoop Dogg

Who dat?
It's the people's champ
Yup, yup
It's the muthafuckin' people's champ
Yeeeaaah come on
Yeah that shit funky right there
(Verse 1: Snoop Dogg)
Man I'm sittin' in my man cave, listenin' to beats
Now I'm scrollin' through my Instagram and what do I see?
It's a couple tired rappers, man they hatin' on me
'Cause I'm a fly muthafucka from the LBC
Scoopin' all the girls like nothin' 'cause they fu*kwit' my swag
I'm valid like Khaled while securin' the bag
Chevrolet Impalas wit' ass that drag
No skinny jeans, cosag wit' da flag
Later for the small talk, let the big Dogg talk
I taught you how to eat, make beats, and C-walk
Even though you never banged still put you in the gang
Bow down, lil' nigga kiss the pinky ring
I'm your original, this ain't subliminal
What's a bitch-ass nigga to a criminal?
Nothin', you need to quit bluffin'
I promise you softer than a Thomas English Muffin
(Chorus: Snoop Dogg)
See I came here just to catch you
Right up to yo' face, get at you
And I got that just to let you
See I came here just to catch you
Right up to yo' face, get at you
And I got that just to let you
(Verse 2: Snoop Dogg)
Now I walk up in the 'hood and they watchin' me close
I'm playin' post, see I'm the king of the coast
I raised a lot of these niggas, I'm plantin' seeds to grow
Told a hunnid-thousand homies how to feed the poor
I'ma catch you, snatch you when you in the set
But I can't 'cause he hidin' behind the internet
Despicable, non-immiscible
What's a student to a principal? Invincible
And disappear for a year like a magician
But come back very visible, 4K baby
The joker's wild, I'm doin' okay baby
Tanqueray Ten wit' a glass of some punch
I'm cookin' wit' Martha, I'll discuss it over lunch
I'm shady with the eighty like Brady the bunch
I'll tap you on the shoulders just to give you a hunch
What's up
(Chorus: Snoop Dogg)
See I came here just to catch you
Right up to yo' face, get at you
And I got that just to let you
See I came here just to catch you
Right up to yo' face, get at you
And I got that just to let you
(Outro: Snoop Dogg)
Yeah, we do it on the double nigga
We do it on the double nigga
Oh yeah, you in trouble nigga
Doctor Evil, we gon' do this on the double nigga
Yeah, we do it on the double nigga
I like the way you bubble nigga
Bitch-ass nigga, you in trouble nigga
You got it baby, come on
You got it
Yep, yep you got it
I think they got it now
You get it, got it, gone

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- Estilo: Hip Hop
- Álbum "220" del año (2018) .
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On the Double Lyrics

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