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Payface Letra de Payroll Giovanni

Payroll Giovanni - Payface Payroll Giovanni

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Payface Letra de Payroll Giovanni lyrics

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Al esfuerzo y al heroísmo de una revolución...
¡No los queremos! ¡No los necesitamos!

When the rap seemed to fumble up, my only thought is cop grams
Double up, you looking at a hustler
When I see you, I see a customer a bunch of fucking drug addicts
Everytime I'm out in Cali, I'm a plug magnet
We push coupes and trucks, strapped with big pumps
And rock jeans that stuffed up with big chunks
What they doing I don't really give a big fuck
They still tryna impress hoes we been fucked
I'm in the Benz, Moncler bubble coat
I used to watch mom's wearing bubble coat
They like (?) you a shame your folks
Nah, motherfucker it was my coke
We Dom sippers, that stay fresh like prom pictures
Mob niggas, we bosses come get a job with us
Get that camera out my face, I don't like pictures
Guess I'm stuck in my ways from all that white flipping
Just had a dream me and B was in the Ghost
Laughin' 'bout the past when we used to sell dope
Had to bob and weave with my back against the ropes
You hustle for bitches weaves, I was out there for my folks
Broke ass nigga ain't never seen a 100 gram
Know some real work, if you did you do the runner man
Think this shit a game 'til they find you in a garbage can
Why your mans tweeting, he ain't even do nothing damn
I avoid all the dumb shit
Stay away from you cause I avoid all the bum shit
Fiends used to have to see me or they couldn't function
Didn't feel guilty, I just gotta stay pumping
Pocket full of presidents, I'm far from your nigga like my residence
When the fu*kyou gon' learn your lesson bitch
Pull up to the club, niggas sippin' need medicine
So many Caddy trucks they thought it was the president
Pay me what you owe, I ain't tryna hear no extra shit
Or we gon' snap your motherfucking neck like the exorcists
Middleschool I was gettin' picked up in Lexuses
Corvettes and shit, raised by dealers with gold necklaces
Had the spot set up like dispensaries
Way before dispensaries, nigga check your history
Niggas background unknown, boy you a mystery
I'm who you boys attempt to be
Get used to me or get sick off me
Payroll Giovanni

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La Canción 'Payface' de Payroll Giovanni ,incluida en su disco 'Payface' en el año 2017 .Este track 01 del álbum Payface es una de las mejores canciones Hip Hop ,junto a temas como "Hoes Like (feat. Ashley Rose & Oreo)""How We Move It (feat. B Ryan, HBK & ROC)" , "Hustle Muzik 3" , "Heroes""Raised in Raids""Keep On (feat. B Ryan)" del que puedes ver sus letras de música y escuchar sus canciones .Con 2035 Visitas y 0 votos con 0,00 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "Payface" del año 2017 y 284

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