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Point of No Return Letra

Artista: Barei

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Point of No Return letra de Barei

You you you´re

in a prison without mission...

Don´t know why but there must be a hefty reason...

All you see is an open window full of freedom

far away from where you are... kinda fiction...

Be, be, be levelheaded... Yeah Yeah!

It´s too hard when now the bullet´s in your hand!

Nothing is real enough… no no not even death!

Drop the gun before the race is all over!

Crazy, it may seem a little bit crazy...

You don´t need a weapon to fix it...

Every little fight is a new chance...

You gotta face another day...

to start it all again…getting up from every downfall.

Just do it till the end...

to find deliverance… May take about a million suns!

You gotta try another way!

Just need to make a change... ´cause the ball is in your court now!

Just be true to yourself

to get the final sense... May take a lifetime knowing who you are!

You´re at the point of no return! x4

You you you´re aiming at the wrong direction...

There must be a secret door among the action.

Not a brig, not even fire of a dragon!

Life is nicer than you see it from commotion.

Be, be behind the highest rampart... Yeah! Yeah!

there is more than you could ever envision!

Nothing is really far… no no nothing´s unfair...

Just the way you make and live your decisions!

Baby, it may seem a little bit crazy...

But you got all the powers to escape it…

Every little war has a winner…

You gotta face another day...

You´re at the point of no return! x4

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