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Pop Out (feat. Jban$2Turnt) Letra

Artista: Lil Yachty

Letra de canción de música

Pop Out (feat. Jban$2Turnt) letra de Lil Yachty

(Intro: Lil Yachty)
Uh, yeah bitch
Yeah bitch
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
(Verse 1: Lil Yachty)
I’m in the hood like Mrs. Winner’s, uh
Basketball seats in a Beamer, uh
Pull up with sticks, pull up with clips, all on the hip, yeah, yeah
I turn a two to a six, yeah (uh)
Servin' these stripper hoes dick, yeah
You sick of me, yeah, and I know it, huh (yeah)
All of this money, I blow it, huh (skr)
All of these hoes, yeah they goin', huh (uh)
All of my shooters they blowin' (boom!)
Anyway, why you come off, you ain't goin', huh
You a whole thot, and I know this, huh (yeah)
Beat him in the pot with the elbow, huh
Skrt out the lane with the new whip (skrt)
Diamonds in the ear like a Q-tip, huh
Bitch give me top with them duck lips, uh (yeah)
Your boyfriend, he scared of me (yeah)
I'm geeked up off that amphetamine (yeah)
Hairy pussy give me allergies (yeah)
Bitch I don't shop at no Malleries (no)
I get my diamonds from Icebox, huh (yeah)
Big Gucci link with the white rocks (whoo)
Just left Chicago like White Sox (yeah), tryna get a bitch with some dreadlocks
I got a bitch sippin' Redrum (damn), I don't even know where she came from (nah)
I walk around with a AK (damn), that lil' shit sound like a snare drum (yeah)
(Chorus: Lil Yachty)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, pop out, uh
Yeah, yeah, pop out, uh
Yeah, yeah, pop out, uh
Yeah, uh, pop out, uh
Yeah, yeah, pop out
Yeah, ha, pop out
Pop out, yeah, pop out
Yeah, yeah, what's up?
What's up with all of that fu*kshit?
Yeah, what's up, what's up with all of that fu*kshit?
Yeah, yeah, pop out
Pop out, pop out, pop out, pop out
(Verse 2: JBan$)
Rock out (woo, woo), I bring the guap out (I bring the what?)
I'm on the block with the Glock out (doot doot doot)
I pop a perc, make her tap out (yeah, yeah)
This is the modern day pop sound, aye (yeah)
Diamonds on lighthouse (diamonds on lighthouse)
Glacier Boy still fu*kwith White Owl
Double my cup till I pass out, sippin' Act' now, uh
Ooh, treat the Maybach like a Honda, speedin' and swervin', might fall out
Lil' baby know I'm not average, I get the top, and I kick her out
Ooh, my diamonds on igloo, I need that junk for my mental (yeah, yeah)
She pop that pussy, no pimple (yeah, yeah)
Gucci my runners, I get loose
JBan$, JBan$, JBan$, yeah, yeah, yeah
(Chorus: Lil Yachty)
Pop out, uh
Yeah, yeah, pop out, uh
Yeah, yeah, pop out, uh
Yeah, uh, pop out, uh
Yeah, yeah, pop out, huh
Yeah, ha, pop out
Pop out, huh, yeah, huh, pop out, huh
Yeah, yeah, what's up?
What's up with all of that fu*kshit?
Yeah, huh, what's up, huh, what's up with all of that fu*kshit?
Yeah, yeah, pop out, huh
Pop out, pop out
Pop out, yeah

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Pop Out (feat. Jban$2Turnt) Lyrics

Pop Out (feat. Jban$2Turnt) Video

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