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Posthumous Forgiveness Letra

Artista: Tame Impala

Letra de canción de música

Posthumous Forgiveness letra de Tame Impala

(Part I)

(Verse 1)

Ever since I was a small boy

No one else compared to you, no way

I always thought heroes stay close

Whenever troubled times arose


I didn't know

Ain't always how it goes

(Verse 2)

Every single word you told me

I believed without a question, always

To save all of us, you told us both to trust

But now I know you only saved yourself


Did you think I'd never know?

Never wise up as I grow


And you could store an ocean in the holes

In any of the explanations that you gave

And while you still had time, you had a chance

But you decided to take all of your sorrys to the grave


Did you think I'd never know?

Never wise up as I grow

Did you hope I'd never doubt?

Never wonder, work it out?

(Part II)

(Verse 3)

You were runnin' for cover

Doin' like any other

Fallin' out with a lover

You didn't know that I'd suffer

What a thing to discover

There was time to recover

Move on with each other

Just a boy and a father

What I'd give for another

(Verse 4)

Everything that I have

Couldn't need this for long

Never speak of the time

That you left us alone

Me and Steve on our own

I wanna tell you 'bout the time

I wanna tell you 'bout my life

Wanna play you all my songs

Learn the words, sing along


(This time) Wanna tell you 'bout the time

(I know) I was in Abbey Road

Or the time that I had

Mick Jagger on the phone

I thought of you when we spoke

Wanna tell you 'bout the time

Wanna tell you 'bout my life

Wanna play you all my songs

Hear your voice sing along

I wanna say it's all right

You're just a man after all

And I know you have demons

I got some of my own

Think you passed them along

Wanna tell you 'bout the time

Wanna tell you 'bout my life

Wanna play you all my songs

And hear your voice sing along

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La Canción 'Posthumous Forgiveness' de Tame Impala ,incluida en su disco 'The Slow Rush' en el año 2019 .Este track 03 del álbum The Slow Rush es una de las mejores canciones Pop Rock ,junto a temas como "Posthumous Forgiveness" , "It Might Be Time" , "Borderline" , "Breathe Deeper" , "Instant Destiny" , "On Track" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música .Con 606 Visitas y 0 votos con 0,00 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "Saturday Night Live" del año 2019 y 85 Visitas
- "The Slow Rush" del año 2019 y 194 Visitas
- "Currents" del año 2015 y 878 Visitas
- "Lonerism" del año 2012 y 1635 Visitas
- "Innerspeaker" del año 2009 y 1801 Visitas

Posthumous Forgiveness Lyrics

03 Posthumous Forgiveness
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02 Borderline
06 Breathe Deeper
05 Instant Destiny
08 On Track

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