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Purple Heart Letra

Artista: Dave

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Purple Heart letra de Dave


Let's pour another drink

Numb the pain

Emotionally detached, she said I'm numb to pain

You're askin' what it's like to love, I told her love's a game

You learn that love is pain, then learn to love the pain

I got a purple heart, you got a purple heart

You think my work is art and I think you're a work of art

But girl I can't lie, you're a gem and I ain't even talkin' 'bout the star sign

You're my superstar

You're my wish into a shooting star

After hours, you're my movie star, pop star

I got you singin' like a rockstar

McCartney, she interstellar like Jupiter

You had a shift today, cancel that

I booked a flight, let's go and catch a tan or take you out to Hakkasan

You've had a couple boyfriends but never had a man

I'll catch him at a traffic jam

Red light, Amsterdam if he tries to disrespect

But fu*kthem man, let's blow a bag on Chanel and get all them niggas vexxed

On some different flow

Actin' like you didn't know a nigga's soul

Gary Coleman, I got them Different Strokes

You throw it back and now I'm matchin' your rhythm

In missionary I'm a man on a mission to make your legs shake

To make you feel it in your stomach and your chestplate

Until the next day, you give me head until your head aches

I heard a saying, "You get fast, it never lasts"

Forget pain, there's no club inside of a deck of cards

You gave your heart to a joker, now you can try a king

You play it close to the chest, you gotta check or pass

And a purple heart, wow, you got a purple heart

You think my work is art and I think you're a work of art

I asked her, "Can you do it like the last time?"

She said, "I can sir and I ain't talkin' 'bout the star sign"

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