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Jarren Benton

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(Verse 1: Jarren Benton)

Yeah, razor blades and steak knives

I've been tweaking off of this meth, been up for eight nights

My producer is Asian so he ate rice

And practice Kung Fu and meditate in the daylight

You a bitch, you probably picket for gay rights

I crack your fucking jaw with a spinning kick in a cage fight

So negative, give a fu*kwhat Ye like

Y'all a bunch of wussies, a bushy puss of a crazed dyke

I'm nervous; drink is stopping the stage fright

The burn in my dick when I piss feels like a snakebite

My wife says she sick of my behavior

You faggots stop comparing me to Tyler, The Creator

I've been on this shit before you was allowed in the theater

Of an R-rated movie and your dad was wearing gators

And your mom was just a whore before your sister wore makeup

You was just a little bitch before you morphed into a hater

"Jarren you're so provocative,"

"Do you have anything to say that's sort of positive?"

Yup: suck a dick, suck a dick, suck a dick

And by the way -- suck a dick

You don't like it and eat shit then slit your wrists

And jump off a roof and land in a pool of syphilis

Uh, it's like my heart stopped carin'

Ever since I signed with Hopsin everybody hates Jarren, bitch!

(Hook: Hemi)

You probably think I'm crazy

And that may be a little bit true

So you can think I'm crazy,

But maybe I'm just different than you

La, la, la, la, la, la, la (crazy) (3x)

La la, la la, la.

(Verse 2: Jarren Benton)

Yeah, needles, dope and opiates

Who gives a fu*kif I talk about drugs? Get over it

Male chauvinist, hit a girl with a bowl of grits

And shove her fucking face in a bowl of shit; so inappropriate

I'm the creepy custodian

I stick a mop in your ass without no petroleum -- jelly

And it's right back to sweeping linoleum

Napoleon, I vote for Pedro at the podium

I sip vodka, rip propellers off of helicopters

Heavy hand'll slap your girlfriend's tits off her

I'm awkward as quadriplegic kickboxers

I'll kill you and drop your body in Nicaragua

I'll punch a hole in the asphalt

Go eat a fucking dick like a faggot on bath salt

You mad soft, if I'm a prick then it's my dad's fault

I throw a dead cat on your porch and dash off

I'm weird, I'll murder your rap career

And Super Glue my pubes to my face to make a beard

Give me a couple beers and a power tool from Sears

I'll give your ass a nice shape-up without shears

Now if you think you're fucking with me then go think again

I'm ill enough to break in your house and murder your pen

One sick bastard, mushrooms and acid

Kill 'em then I go and help they momma pick the casket


(Interlude: Jarren Benton)

Now I ain't come here to hurt nobody

Why hate bitch? Show your boy love (yeah),

Now where the hoes with the low self-esteem?

Point 'em out cause they easy to fuck

Now if they hating, fu*k'em, guns, brrr-uck 'em,

Drugs, love 'em, girls, fu*k'em,

D-boys, D-boys, all my niggas

Going fucking full tart off of Schlitz Malt Liquor!


(Outro: Hemi)

La, la, la, la, la, la, la (crazy) (3x)

La la, la la, la

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