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Remote Letra

Artista: Kanye West

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Remote letra de Kanye West lyrics

(Verse 1: Kanye West)
Hold myself my bands, count up all my bands
She my only fan
I was in my hovercraft, have another laugh
Go on (?), twilight in the man
Got this on remote control
Got this on remote control
Got it on remote control, ooh-oh
Like I used to know
I thought you should know, ooh-woah-ooh-woah
(Verse 2: Kanye West)
Yeah, he got the plan
You can't force my hand
Why you so mad?
He got this on remote control
Like I sink in gold
Twilight in the man
Twilight in the man
He got it on my hovercraft
Have another laugh
Go on (?), twilight in the man
He got it on remote control
He got it on remote control
(Verse 3: Young Thug)
Oh, woah-woah
Are you in love?
(?) Titanic
I can't rock your boat
Spiral, booty got rolls
Hoppin' out the brand new Rolls
Jesus gave me brand new clothes
Wrist still thirty-two below (Yeah)
I want my (?)
(?) with the time (Time)
Want to give you love up, this is light sight, sight
Don't you to love, leave it right, just some kind
It will be less (?) until we die
I give you kiss and then drop off a dime
Oh, told that bitch fold my clothes
Take it to the light like a strobe
Taking me to court like woah (Woah)
(?) my dough
I just thought that you should know
Like it frozen like the North Pole
Don't you freeze up on a pole
(Chorus: Young Thug & Kanye West)
He got this on remote control
Like a sink he go (He got it)
Twilight (?)
He got it on my hovercraft
Have another laugh
Pop on a handstand
Twilight in the man
He got it on remote control
He got it on remote control
He got it on remote control(Like that's to know)
To know
(Verse 4: Kid Cudi)
You don't understand
I am not your man
See I'm super, I got plans
Trips across the land (Woo)
Diamonds dancin' on my hands
Cudder in demand
On the pink like Killa' Cam
Holy (Woo, woo)
Watch 'em go, baby, like what she see, hey
Takin' it solo, lose the bag, oh
This a nigga doin' (?) plus some danger, oh
It's a team, we ridin', just a little bit of liqor inside em'
It's on and we 'bout it, (?) so more
Feelin she love my shine, oh
Nigga come outside the line
I am so out of fuckin' control
And I'm fallin', growin' in the mold (Ooh)
And she said she understands the code
See, we play our roles
This is how it go
Innocent, ooh
And I'm tryna find you in my dreams, ooh
See, I'm just a creature in the night
She gives me what I like
Electric to my bones (Bones)
Feel so right

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Letra Kanye West - Remote Con 6547 Visitas y 1 votos
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- Estilo: Hip Hop
- Álbum "DONDA" del año (2021) .
. - Discografí­a y :: Biografía.

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La Canción 'Remote' de Kanye West ,incluida en su disco 'DONDA' en el año 2021 .Este track 20 del álbum DONDA es una de las mejores canciones Hip Hop ,junto a temas como "DONDA" , "No Child Left Behind" , "Off the Grid" , "Hurricane" , "Praise God" , "Come To Life" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música .Con 6547 Visitas y 1 votos con 10,00 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "DONDA" del año 2021 y 1769 Visitas
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