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Rooftops lyrics (feat. Curren$y) Letra

Artista: Wiz Khalifa

Letra de canción de música

Rooftops lyrics (feat. Curren$y) letra de Wiz Khalifa

Rooftops lyrics

(feat. Curren$y)

(Wiz Khalifa)

And they say they ballin' but I do it how the pros do

Where we goin next? we gon let my hoes choose

No socks and my boat shoes

Guess a nigga eating good like whole foods

Not a couple cameras now they bring the whole crew

Bad bitch ride wit me so she pose too

See me and my guys like a plane flown through

Hella high roll up weed up like I'm supposed too

And now I'm into big things

On the building you need to know the tenant rate

Gettin paid still ridin no shirt

Let a bitch give me brain call it home work

niggas try hatin' on 'em but it don't work


Alota shit done change

New clothes new car new things

Sayin boy they used to be at the bottom

Came up that's what they say

Used to not be allowed in the building

But now we on the roof top

Used to not be allowed in the building

But now we on the roof top

Slow money just better than gettin' no money

Learn to get good show money, that's yo money

Get comfortable with it, really know money

Rich nigga shit, that really goes for me

Self made nigga, well played

I'm on the plane drinkin' champagne and lemonade

You tryna copy whats done, I'm tryna innovate

And club owners getting tired of tryna ventilate


I'm too busy finding places and trips to take

The more I smoke the more money my business make

Remember they used to be like "who is this?"

Now, I'm up in this bitch, they light up like independence day

When you around the real, you keep it real everyday

My niggas keep it real, so I hear what they say

Either you getting paid, or you paying to play

Either you on your grind or you stay out the way



Uhh, just made a million, got another million on my schedule

The pick up on my Ferrari, you jets or you jetless

You niggas ain't help us, on second thoughts you did

They hatin was the fuel for this shit so you wrote your own check off a hoe ass

Sweatin bullets at home, wondering if she coming back

? and she she can smell it on ya

That's why you only see her when you buying stuff for her

We was sneaking in then it was general admission

Now we own the arena deciding who allowed in it

Our windows ain't tinted, pimpin, I ain't trippin'

Had showered that shit, I'm just ballin' and chillin

We plooted this out, one night in the city

Now we Los Angeles, medicine cabinet twisting

Our habits are expensive, we gotta have it

Twit-pic'ing when we get it and they mad at us

fu*kthem niggas


(Wiz Khalifa)

Alotta money, lotta luggage, lotta hoes

When you putting in work, that's how it goes

Alotta money, lotta luggage, lotta hoes

When you putting in work, that's how it goes

Alotta money, lotta luggage, lotta hoes

When you putting in work, that's how it goes

Alotta money, lotta luggage, lotta hoes

When you putting in work, that's how it goes

And if the kids tryna be like me, they probably smoking bout an O.

Oh, ain't my fault though!

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La Canción 'Rooftops lyrics (feat. Curren$y)' de Wiz Khalifa ,incluida en su disco 'Rolling Papers' en el año 2011 .Este track 13 del álbum Rolling Papers es una de las mejores canciones Rap ,junto a temas como "Roll Up lyrics" , "No Sleep lyrics" , "On My Level (feat. Too $hort) lyrics" , "When I'm Gone lyrics" , "Black And Yellow lyrics" , "Hopes And Dreams lyrics" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música .Con 1018 Visitas y 1 votos con 5,00 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "Fly Times, Vol. 1: The Good Fly Young" del año 2019 y 173 Visitas
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