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Let me do some sad shit for the real niggas

Yeah, I know my old bitch miss me
Probably scrollin' down my timeline now (I know)
Her friends tryna find out how (I)
How she let a perfect nigga like me go (I know)
And everywhere she go, my song on the radio, huh?
She probably turned it down, don’t wanna play me though, huh?
But I ain't really trippin', how you did me, it was fucked up (Yeah)
But when you get your mind right (Yeah), I’m waitin' on ya (Yeah)

'Cause, baby, I know my old bitch miss me
(I miss you too, I can't even cap, like for real)
Now I'm gone, and my heart's empty (Wait a minute, who are you?)
(I'm fucked up 'bout you) (Ayo, K.i.D.)
(Let me switch it up real quick, let me switch it)
Tell me what I did to you, thought I could be real with you (I know)
Let’s go get a crib, I can live with you, have some kids with you (Yeah, yeah)

Fuck that, I’m back on my pimpin' (Pimp)
Back fuckin’ four or five women
If I really did you wrong
Then tell me why the fu*kI'm in my feelings
Singin' in my motherfuckin' song
Starin’ at my motherfuckin' phone (Brrt)
Can't wait for you to pop up
Tried to get you pregnant, get you knocked up
You know I got the whole world against me
I thought that you was with me
Everybody out here wanna see me locked up
You know I love the way you do it to me, baby
Know you thinkin' 'bout when you was with
Probably end up with a sucka nigga who ain't really real
A nigga who won't care about his kids
A bitch nigga, probably don't respect his mother
You know I ever catch you with a nigga, gettin' beat up
You know when you was cold, I came through and helped you heat up
What you doin' with that nigga?
Girl, you know you don't belong with him
Supposed to be with me out on the ocean with ya feet up, rollin' weed up
Keep it real with him, you ain't gotta lie

I know (I know) my old bitch miss me
(I miss you too, I can't even cap, really)
I know, now I'm gone (I'm gone) and my heart's empty
(I'm fucked up 'bout you, no cap)
I know (I know) my old bitch miss me
(I miss you too, I can't even cap, like for real)
Now I'm gone (I'm gone), and my heart's empty
(I'm fucked up 'bout you, yeah, yeah, yeah)

( )
Fuck that, I'm goin' back in, nigga
Hit it from the back end, nigga
Why you talkin' so aggressive?
You ever got your heart broke, nigga?
By a Spanish bitch, Narcos, nigga?
Got me lookin' for a Polo
Can you hear her sayin' "Marco", nigga?
I can't hear sayin' "Marco" either
That mean she ain't there
That mean the lil' bitch don't care
I'm like Q when he lost Moesha
Got me feelin' like Monique when she lost the Professor
Got me feelin' like the Prince if he lost Cinderella
Fuck a glass slipper
That's her new nigga right there
Who, him? He a sucka ass nigga
Oh, so now you don't know me, wanna act like my sister
You ever seen a nigga get slapped with a pistol?
And I ain't ever goin' out sad 'bout a ho
But this one ain't no ho, it's my ho, nigga
So tell 'em how you feel, baby

'Cause I know (I know) my old bitch miss me
'Cause I'm gone (I'm gone) and my heart's empty
(Yeah, yeah)
I know (I know) my old bitch miss me (Yeah, I know)
Now I'm gone (I'm gone) and my heart's empty
(Yeah, turn up)

And that's just how a real nigga feel, man
This how a real nigga feel so a real nigga gotta keep it real
You know what I mean?
You know, that's why it sound like that, that's why it feel like that 'cause it's that real
I told K.i.D., "Give me some sad shit for the real niggas"
He gave me some sad shit for the real niggas, here you go
Here you go

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