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Scoundrel Days Letra

Artista: A-ha

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Scoundrel Days letra de A-ha

Was that somebody screaming
It wasn't me for sure
I lift my head up from uneasy pillows
Put my feet on the floor
Cut my wrist on a bad thought
And head for the door
Outside on the pavement
The dark makes no noise
I can feel the sweat on my lips
Leaking into my mouth
I'm heading out for the steep hills
They're leaving me no choice
And see... as our lives are in the making;
We belive through the lies and the hating
That love goes free
For want of an option
I run the wind 'round
I dream pictures of houses burning
Never knowing nothing else to do
With death comes the morning
Unannounced and new
Was it too much to ask for
To pull a little weight
They forgive anything but greatness
These are scoundrel days
And I'm close to calling out their names
As pride hits my face
See...as our lives are in the making:
We believe through their lies and the hating
That love goes free through scoundrel days
I reach the edge of town
I've got blood in my hair
Their hands touch my body
From everywhere
But I know that I've made it
As I run into the air
And see...as our lives are in the making:
We believe through the lies and the hating
That love goes through
Through scoundrel days

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Letra A-ha - Scoundrel Days Con 4676 Visitas y 27 votos
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- Álbum "Scoundrel Days" del año (1986) .
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La Canción 'Scoundrel Days' de A-ha ,incluida en su disco 'Scoundrel Days' en el año 1986 .Este track 01 del álbum Scoundrel Days es una de las mejores canciones ,junto a temas como "Scoundrel Days" , "Maybe, Maybe" , "I've Been Losing You" , "October" , "The Weight Of The Wind" , "Soft Rains Of April" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música .Con 4676 Visitas y 27 votos con 10,00 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "Analogue" del año 2005 y 14202 Visitas
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Scoundrel Days Lyrics

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