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She Mine Pt. 2 Letra

Artista: J. Cole

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She Mine Pt. 2 letra de J. Cole

Catch me, don't you

Catch me, don't you

Catch me, I've fallen in love

For the first time

For you I drop the tough guy shit

On this bus I sit

Thinking bout you x8

Damn it feel good to have you x4

Needin' me, wantin' me, givin' me a chance to feel special to somebody in a world where they not lovin' me

Handcuffs keep huggin the, wrists of my niggas

And I wish stuff was different here

But if I had a magic wand to make the evil disappear

That means that there would be no Santa Claus no more

To bring you Christmas cheer

'Cause what he represents is really greed and the need

To purchase shit from corporations that make a killin'

Because they feed on the wallets of the poor

Who be knockin' on they door, every Black Friday

Just to get some shit they can't afford

Even with the discount, write a check, that shit bounce

But as long as we got credit, it don't matter, the amount

We just swipin' shit here, we don't love, we just likin' shit here

What's that smell, where's your diaper shit here

Lay on your back, don't pee right now or else I'll have to get you back

One day when you gon' want to get your way

Yeah I'll have fun with that

Reminisce when you came out the womb

Tears of joy I think filled up the room

You are now the reason that I fight

I ain't never did nothing that's right in my whole life

Got me thinking...

Am I worthy of this gift

Am I strong enough to lift, into a place that I can see

Someone more important than me?

Am I worthy of this gift?

Am I strong enough to lift, into a place that I can see

Someone more important than me?

Am I worthy of this gift?

People ask me how I did this shit

I'm gon' do a humble stunt act like I meant this shit

That's the ego taking credit for what God made

Fuck this album shit hey mama look what God made

She's mine

Catch me

Don't you, catch me

Don't you, catch me, I've fallen in love for the first time

I wanna cry, and I ain't even tryna fight it

Don't wanna die, cause now your here

And I just wanna be right by your side

On any night that you be cryin' baby

I dry your eyes, I dry your eyes

There is a God

It is a God

Yeah, it is a God

I never felt so alive x4

Catch me, don't you

Catch me, don't you

I've fallen in love

For the first time

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- Álbum "4 Your Eyez Only" del año (2016) .
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