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Six Years on Dope Letra

Artista: NOFX

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Six Years on Dope letra de NOFX

I was a misanthrope on the end of a rope

I spent twenty years, six years on dope

Taking a piss while giving up hope

I lived a lifetime six years on dope

I was a human trash can

Shortening my life span

Live fast, die tan

I think that was the plan

Saving all my money for a one way ticket to Afghanistan


I was ezoobeson drunk

Strung out on junk

Live fast, die punk

I thought I was sunk

From gin swilling and fish tank penicillin

I was a moron bro with impetigo

A pleased as punch Dog Patch Wino

Casual se* and herpes complex

Now I'm on Interferon and Valtrex

I was a child adult, a walking insult

Every shot got more difficult

I was a teenage trash bin

A breathing mannequin

A caustic cause

Who musta loved suffering

Do pinhole eyes romanticize heroin

I was a moron bro, a circus sideshow

A dying slow Dog Patch Wino

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