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Solitaires Letra

Artista: Future

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Solitaires letra de Future lyrics

Intro: Future)
(Wheezy outta here)
(Chorus: Travis Scott)
Solitary diamonds, solitary jewels
With a bitch that's shinin', lookin' like the moon
Said she wanna party, wanna let it loose
Bustin' out my back room, she ain't out the loop
It's jumpin', let it in (Ooh)
I put it out, they come in (Ooh)
(Verse 1: Future & Travis Scott)
Came up off a brick
Bought a Richard Mille, my new watch don't tick
Drippin' in Louis V, made a movie, and Prada another film
It's the Don Dada, I stand this Lamborghini on one wheel
Twelve o'clock, and I got my gun clocked, and I'm on one pill
Monday all the way to Sunday, pick a time to drill
Gettin' my lettuce, I'm gettin' my paper, I'm gettin' my trees (Woo, woo)
One thousand percent, keep it one thousand with me (Woo, woo, yeah)
Started with my squad, so I can't chill
Money over bitches, gotta play the field
Coronavirus diamonds, you can catch the flu
Trap in bandos, walk in Jimmy Choo
Solitaries made a rockstar too (Ooh)
Solitary diamonds, I can show proof (Ooh)
That these bitches on me just like a pop group
I got racks on my mind and I can't lose (Yeah)
And I got solitary diamonds, solitary jewels
Watches full of baguettes, pockets full of blue (Yeah)
Solitary diamonds, solitary jewels
Girls gettin' naked in my swimming pool (Yeah)
I wanna take care you and your friends (Yeah)
(Refrain: Travis Scott)
I put it out, they come in
Ooh (It's lit)
Radical decisions what we always choose
All the dogs is hungry and they sellin' food (Yeah)
Every time we do it, tend to hit the news
I don't want it if it's stiff or if that pussy loose
Runnin', know they gunnin' 'cause I got the juice
I been thuggin' since a youngin, brought that work to school
Floodin' all the hundreds, we done broke the pool
All this money bring the power, I didn't make the rules (Let's go)
(Verse 2: Future & Travis Scott)
Sipping on codeine got my screws loose
Making all this money got my screws loose (Yeah)
Ridin' Lamborgini made her pussy juicy
Grippin' on the wheel, playin' in her pussy
Diamonds on my neck been going crazy
I think I need to see a psychiatrist (Ooh)
Living in the streets and the gutter raised me
I know how to sell narcotics (Yeah)
(Verse 3: Travis Scott)
When they let us off of lock', man, we gon' make that shit pop
Been humpin' wifey for so long, she got a limp when she walk
Got seven drops in four spots, I get to pick where I live
In the back they playin' twinsies like a Hugh Hefner zoo
On my teeth, these diamonds twinkle, in her legs a jacuzzi
I be tweakin' every day, I got some screws missin'
I keep an Air Max pump on me, no, not my 270s (Yeah)
And they know just where I be, it's like I'm 713 (Yeah)
Havin' money on this side is not the conversation (Yeah, yeah)
Solitary diamonds for my dawg inside, he waited, yeah (Straight up)
(Chorus: Travis Scott & Future)
Solitary diamonds, solitary jewels
With a bitch that's shinin', lookin' like the moon
Said she wanna party, wanna let it loose
Bustin' out my back room, she ain't out to loop
I wanna take care you and your friends (Ooh)
I put it out, they come in (Ooh)

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- Álbum "High Off Life" del año (2020) .
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La Canción 'Solitaires' de Future ,incluida en su disco 'High Off Life' en el año 2020 .Este track 04 del álbum High Off Life es una de las mejores canciones Pop Rock ,junto a temas como "Solitaires" , "Accepting My Flaws" , "Touch the Sky" , "Too Comfortable" , "Ridin Strikers" , "Hard to Choose One" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música .Con 14591 Visitas y 0 votos con 0,00 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "Pluto x Baby Pluto ft Lil Uzi Vert" del año 2020 y 366 Visitas
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Solitaires Lyrics

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