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Somebody For Someone Letra

Artista: The Corrs

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Somebody For Someone letra de The Corrs

There's a deep girl in the corner shop

Selling sugar for money in the dead of the night

And her soul's in the sugar and her heart's in the mud

And she's crying with a stranger for someone to love

And she sings:

(Chorus) 'Look at me - see me, look at me - save me

Free me - find me, cos if there's

Somebody for someone - yeah look at me'

Somebody for someone

There's a deep boy at a corner shop

Watching sugar sell for money to the dead at night

And he sees in her an angel in the cruelest of worlds

Hiding in the darkness

Screaming out for love (screaming out for love)

And she sings:

(Chorus) (Somebody's gonna make it right) 'look at me'

(Somebody's gonna make it right) 'see me'

(Somebody's gonna make it right) 'look for me'

(Somebody's gonna make it right) 'save me'

(Somebody's gonna make it right) 'free me'

(Somebody's gonna make it right) 'find me'

'Cos if there's somebody for someone - yeah look at me'

(Somebody's gonna make it right) (8 times)

(Repeat chorus)

Somebody for someone, yeah I wanna be

Somebody for someone, I know there gonna be

Somebody for someone, you got me

Somebody for someone, yeah

Somebody for someone...

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9,38 / 10 de 3 Votos y 1010 Visitas
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