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(Verse 1)

I used to know this nigga Sonny

Who was ironically dark

Never consumed by the money

But selling dro in the park

Became a main habit of his, bagging the piff

Corner copy is copying the man he was blacker than piff

It wasn't simple

Simpler than the previous maturity

Was lacking it

He was never mischievous

Devious was closer

Only relevant if leaving us

He was too afraid so he stayed for us to believe in trust

Honesty was the commodity he never possessed

Never the less

Manipulate a woman beating his chest

Reaping his stress

Sneaking a breath

We can assess

Hear the pitter patter listen and latter

Weeping to death

Without a shoulder to cry on

No one left to rely on

He was followed by some men in black

Like the belt of Orion

In the report

Said he was caught dead in the snort

And was shredded

He never even embedded the thought


Stars and shards of glass will harm if they meddle x4

(Verse 2)

So let me start from the beginning I’ll pad the middle with simple

Cutest of the children always displaying a dimple

Never talking out of line or defined as he fought the vine

But an awkward spine left him severed over single

Proud in the corridors

A wrong in yours

While the janitor was mopping floors

He was dropping whores on all fours

Left her begging for a reason

Treason left him cold

Never froze for an evening

But the body heat never seemed to keep his body sweet

On another meat

Looking for another blond to beat

Now the streets became his mistresses

Turning his witness

Cuz when a weak spits

You don’t know who be holding hit list

Switch shift He’s stumbling on the war path

Whores bark Meditating up in the raw dark

For more dark

He’s knowing That’s when the war starts

Cutting more lines than disabled kids Up in thrope park


Stars and shards of glass will harm if they meddle x4

(Verse 3)

So I said the life that you’re living

Don’t seem to be making sense

Shaking pence out the cookie jar

Looking hook on the bends

Loosing friends

Rookie he spends

All of his tens

On the little bit of leaf

That’ll leave him stuck in the ends

He started to shot

Loosing the plot Itching his scrot

Little street corner

Located droping his crop

Others would watch Smother the block Under the spot

Til' he found himself Surrounded by brothers robbing his gwap

Didn’t seem to be the average type

Caught a badge in sight Coppers turning foxes

And it just wasn’t the rabbits night

He wasn’t known for just a couple of minutes

Scrolling through his phone

Trying to bell a couple of digits

But Nobody would answer

Chancer took his last chance At a glance in the drug deal stance

And now he Dance with the devil In the park by the treble

Stars and Shards of glass will harm if they meddle


Stars and Shards of glass will harm if they meddle x4


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