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Talking In Codes Letra

Artista: 50 Cent

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Talking In Codes letra de 50 Cent

("Alright, are you ready?")

(50) Fuck that

(Chorus: 50 Cent)

These niggaz is green, these niggaz is green

I'm talkin in codes, pardon me what I mean

When you see him it's a go, go 'head nigga go

Catch him in a hoopty, squeeze hit him through the do'

These niggaz is green, these niggaz is green

I'm talkin in codes, pardon me what I mean

When you see him it's a go, go 'head nigga go

Catch him on the front porch by his momma do'

These niggaz is green

(50 Cent)

It's nuttin to it, cock it, bang it and get rid of that

Hit his fitted cap, he won't get a chance to Twitter that

I make the Ruger sing a song, bullets hum to you

You better have God wit'chu when I come to you

I'm a grimy nigga, I said some simple shit

You's a dirty nigga with syphilis on your dick

I catch you I'ma wash you up, line you, spit-shine you

Leave you right there in the street, where niggaz can find you

Die nigga die, fly pelican fly

When I pull it eat a bullet, don't question me why

What's the laws of the jungle, I'll show you what the gun do

My bad, what the shell do; you rot until they smell you


(50 Cent)

Get green son get him, cut his head

He didn't even see it comin, he sleepin that's what he did

Get biz, niggaz actin like it ain't what it is

Let the knife work push the blade up in his shit

Let Doc come sew him up, gang signs throw 'em up

In my hood growin up - you pussy or you bout it

You shootin or you runnin, the police comin

Niggaz get at you, you get at them or you don't mean nuttin

Niggaz walk tough, even walk like warriors

On some G shit they get to singin like Gloria

Now come clean, tell us what you told the D's

Matter fact don't tell us shit, motherfucker hold this


(Outro: 50 Cent)

Yeah, feels like summer to me

Expect it nice and hot

40 Day, my bad my bad

Family Day, I be in the projects

Y'all come check me out

Get a chance to do some new shit

You don't wanna miss this, trust me


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7,75 / 10 de 3 Votos y 593 Visitas
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