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Television Television Letra

Artista: Ok Go

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Television Television letra de Ok Go lyrics

Look at the hottie in the tight jeans
Look at the pipe dreams
Look at the fat man burst at the seams
Look at the captain with the galaxy right off his balcony
Look at the science and the alchemy
Look at the sirens on the cop cars
Look at the pop stars
Look at the convicts filing the bars
Look at the wife
Look at the knife
Look at the pom-pom prom queen scream and scream and run for her life.
It's always right, the perfect light in the dark of night.
Give up the world, give up your life, cause you cannot fight the television.
Television, television.
Look at them trying to get the flag higher
Look at the quagmire
Look at the tread separate from the tire
Look at the junky trying to get a gram
Look at the betting man
Look at him folding on a better hand
It's always right, the fearless light in the dark of night.
Give up the world, give up your life cause you cannot fight the television.
Television, television.
Look at me hypnotized and half alive, maybe it's four or five.
Some parts are sleeping, some parts are paralyzed.
Just one more minute.. just one more minute.. I think I'm almost in it.
Television, television.
Give me tits and politicians.
Give me death and demolition.
Give me glamour and sedition.

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- Estilo: Rock
- Álbum "Oh No" del año (2006) .
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La Canción 'Television Television' de Ok Go ,incluida en su disco 'Oh No' en el año 2006 .Este track 11 del álbum Oh No es una de las mejores canciones Rock ,junto a temas como "Here It Goes Again" , "Do What You Want" , "Million Ways" , "House Wins" , "Good Idea At The Time" , "Invincible" , del que puedes ver sus letras de música .Con 3454 Visitas y 1 votos con 10,00 de puntuación. Otros discos del artista titulados - "Hungry Ghosts" del año 2014 y 819 Visitas
- "Of the Blue Colour of the Sky" del año 2010 y 4575 Visitas
- "Oh No" del año 2006 y 5008 Visitas
- "Ok Go" del año 2002 y 3595 Visitas

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Television Television Lyrics

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