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The Messenger Letra

Artista: Chevalier

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The Messenger letra de Chevalier

In the light of the moon you run

Through dim forests and misty moors

Across the ponds with a message of war

And this message must reach its destination far away

In the distant lands you knew as home

The enemy is after you, like bloodhounds on the track

There is no time to stop or rest or you'll get caught by certain death

The Messenger - An unsung hero dashing through the night

The Messenger - Fate of the kingdom hangs heavy on your back

Great armies march behind you

Their path set for destruction

Sinister clash of iron echoes through to nightskies

Like a funerary bell tolling your demise

Time is running short, cold sweat runs down your back

Branches lash at you, without warning from the dark

Like fingers of evil entities reaching for your throat

"Lost in the endless night now are you?

Careful not to lose yourself

There are forces here that you cannot comprehend

Why won't you stop and listen?

It might save your life..."

The chilling voice is all around you

A ghastly presence moves amongst the trees

The forces of evil are after your soul

Playing deceitful tricks on your mind

Intense is the sense of doom

Closing in slowly above you

But without hesitation you keep the pace

And the secret knowledge that you bear

Drags you down towards the ground

It has to be delivered to the emperors

You know you must go on

Not give in to the fatigue

Or else the looming darkness shall swallow you

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