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The Truth Letra

Artista: Kevin Gates

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The Truth letra de Kevin Gates lyrics

You gotta think
I make a lot of music about the struggle
I don't mind going through the struggle
This just another one, ya heard me
(Say Kevin bruh, man what the fu*kI'm hearing?)
I will not be disrespected
(What's going on out there?)
Nigga or bitch
(Damn bruh you dropped the ball)
I know, I know, I know, I know
(Man you ain't representing me)
Imma shake back
(Verse 1:)
Man in the mirror you way out of order
Go to jail who gonna look out for your daughter
All on the news bout what happened in Florida
Posted on Worldstar a iPhone recorded
She grabbed my dick overreacted, I'm sorry
Two or three times I had already warned her
Edit that part out, I don't Like to argue
My children go with me to every performance
Wrong you should have respect for yourself
You a queen and you wasn't respecting yourself
Ever been disrespected, you know how it felt
You don't have to like me go love someone else
(Verse 2:)
Father forgive me I fucked up a blessing
When ever I fall you the only one to catch me
Let's change the subject; I gave a confession
You put me back in it I bet I go extra
Wrong you should have respect for yourself
You a queen and you wasn't respecting yourself
Ever been disrespected, you know how it felt
You don't have to like me go love someone else
(Verse 3:)
SauceLord Rich way they got me feeling
I don't get tired, I got ten jobs
I am Zuse bumping Lito when I'm chilling
Imma Breadwinner that is my religion
Don't comment on twitter let you know I meant it
I might like her picture
I'm like nigga really?
I'm like Bobby Fisher eat my competition
I'm ready to die, You gone have to kill me
With you right or wrong, Don't believe in switching
Nasty from the shoulders watch how I switch positions
Put him in a blender my heart been December
Put him in a spitter, can't be reassembled
I'm a real nigga, really made mistakes
Never ran away, I am not pretending
High school back when I was at McKinley
I still fu*kwith Scooby, shout out to lil Brittney
Stay with black guys, niggas always pickin' on a bright nigga
I am really with it
Damn my homeboy always in his feelings
This ain't bout him, I'm just reminiscing
He was cracking jokes, always being silly
I was doing me fu*ka public image
Passionate I can be extra sometimes
Brasi turn back into Kevin sometimes
Ain't right in the head, look back up in jail
Lord don't let us get put back in the cell
Washing clothes in the toilet water (Damn)
Drinking out the faucet had to use your hands
Gunna on the phone "They got you looking bad"
For a punt return they gone run it back
Deal with it, Kevin stand up in they chest
This the same girl was pulling out her breast
Got them on the line tryna get a check
Remember who you are, they envy your success
Diamonds in your mouth all around your neck
Black and Hispanic the worst you could be
I think to myself they must hate Puerto Ricans
Father Moroccan my mother Boricua
Daddy a Muslim, My mother a Christian
I read from the book, a lot I don't remember
Santeria beads Karma comes along
Now they want me gone like I'm Farrakhan
Praise you when you up; kick you when you fall
Throw you to the vultures, sniper pick you off
In a court of law brought you to the floor
All my young rappers that can fit with me
Learn from my misfortune don't get in your feelings
Be an individual you go to prison
I just took a stand with my saggin pants
I just tell the truth like I'm Jesus Christ
Meant to say Jesus
I'm who they don't like
Imma move around I don't like the vibe
God up in heaven you know that I need you
To the polices just make me invisible
To all my haters just make me invincible
To the police just make me invisible
To all my haters just make me invincible
I just thank you to all my haters you make me invincible

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The Truth Lyrics

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